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Open carry, act of carrying a firearm openly and not concealed by a shirt, vest, or jacket has become a hot potato in the past few years. It must be stated that this is not waving arms in the air that can lead to charges or brandishing a weapon and public endangerment, this is holstered carry for handguns and slung carry for long arms. The main preaching point of the exercise is that 'a right unexercised is a right lost'. This harkens back to the old days when it was legal and often expected for an adult male to carry a firearm in public for both community defense as well as personal protection. The nation's first carrying of a concealed weapon laws in many areas come from this, as those who carried hidden firearms were seen as unseemly and downright impolite.

With the increase in the news of open carry festivals such as congregations at local coffee houses and political rallies, the term is fresh in the news and gaining popularity. There are even open carry kids' books.

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One of the largest internet venues for open carry is the aptly named website. According to, an online gun-rights community with 25,000 members, only six states deny the right to walk the streets with a handgun on your belt - New York, Illinois, South Carolina, Florida, Arkansas, and, somehow, Texas.

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Oklahoma just recently changed this and now allows licensed open carry. The state's governor stated that the bill "sends a strong message that Oklahoma values the rights of its citizens to defend themselves, their family, and their property." This was carried out even with some democratic state senators publicly saying, "Open Carry is an invitation to chaos"

As with other licensed open carry states Utah, North Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, Indiana, Tennessee, Georgia, Mississippi, New Jersey, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Hawaii and Massachusetts, those who possess a current CCW can carry openly. . Open carry is legal in 28 states without restriction. In all, most states allow some form of carrying a firearm in public without it being concealed.
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(Most people forget that the Black Panthers were advocates of Open Carry in California before it became popularly known by that name)

California is classified as Rural Open Carry and its small but vocal open carry community has pricked the ears of many in that left-leaning state. Such large and popular media outlets as the LA Times have openly called for the banning of open carry saying, "It's not for California" and "There is no compelling reason society should tolerate weekend commandos flashing their firearms, confounding law enforcement officers and terrorizing the public."

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(Photo from Restore the Constitution)

However even this paper is against the upcoming bill in the California Legislature that calls for a law to prevent the open carry of rifles in public.

The bottom line is, if you live in a legal open carry state practice gathering while armed to show those friends, foes, and undecided that Second Amendment rights could be used. If you live in a state that does not support it, write some letters and make some phone calls, every day, until you do.

That is your first amendment rights.

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May 29, 2012  •  06:29 PM
So people have a right to openly carry their firearms, great. But what, exactly, makes it right to do so? The point is that just because you have a right to do something it DOES NOT make it right to do it. As this article states -- even the Black Panthers, an EXTREMELY militant/extremist group, advocated for "open carry".
May 30, 2012  •  06:50 AM
"As with other licensed open carry states Utah, North Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, Indiana, Tennessee, Georgia, Mississippi, New Jersey, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Hawaii and Massachusetts, those who possess a current CCW can carry openly"

I live in Massachusetts. Under our laws, even with a LTC-A, you can't open carry, unless you are a the owner (or work for) certain stores (jewelry, firearms stores, etc) and that's only allowed inside.

I'd really like to know where this guy got his info from.
May 30, 2012  •  07:25 AM lists MA as 'licensed open carry' and that same platform has been listed in dozens of articles recently from Fox to MSNBC

Of course, it is the duty of each open carry proponent to check the laws in their own area which of course are always open to interpretation and wide ranging views that can vary widely from municipality to municipality and county to county even within the same state.

This article is simply a broad overview of the concept and not legal advice.
May 31, 2012  •  12:20 AM
I have a friend (lawyer) checking this out for me.

To what he does know, there are no current state LAWS actually preventing open carry, BUT, there might be other regulations preventing this.
June 2, 2012  •  01:54 PM
@glibshoot Totally agree. That applies to many issues in this world. If we would all just step back and realize because one has the right, doesn't necessarily make it right, well then, maybe we actually could all just get along.
June 4, 2012  •  09:24 AM
I fear open carry might end up helping the anti-gun movement. I mean, face it, guys. A lot of people are put off by guns, but they never see them, so they are a non-issue to them. I never disclose that I have a CHL and a concealed handgun, other than the VERY limited situations where it is appropriate (handgun meetup group, for example) or when a close friend asks because he is thinking of doing the same.

As to the general population,I can see a lot of people getting uneasy at the sight of many armed citizens. It's better that they not know who has a gun. Of course, that can also be an advantage in many circumstances. An armed robber who sees you carrying a gun, may just walk away, or he may just shoot you first to remove the risk to himself.

Just my thoughts on this.
June 9, 2012  •  11:37 PM
To all of you asking why should you open carry when you have the ability to conceal carry. Because you can. Why do you need to go around conceal carrying your automatic assualt pistols (sarcasm)? Why do you need to hide it? Are you hiding it because you are up to no good? In the old west, if you hid your gun you were considered slimy. If you had your gun for all to see, you were honorable.

And you, bowserb, it is because people are put off by guns that they need to be exposed to it. Look back to the 80's when the gay and flamer movement was going on. It was throwing its culture in the face of average Americans whether they wanted to be exposed to it or not. I have my own personal beliefs in regards to the gay community that now due to political correctness I would be the one getting lambasted over it. However, what they did was normalize being openly gay in public society. That is exactly what should be done now. Throw in the face of average Americans that you can go about your daily lives carrying a gun in open view. This will desensitize them to the point that they realize that having an open gun will cause them no harm. Besides, how many criminals use holsters?

Everybody on here supports the Second Ammendment. Quit defending the Second Ammendment that only fits your personal view. Support all of it. Open carry and concealed carry. If you dont like open carry, ok, dont do it. However, support it, encourage those that agree with it to go out and do it. Dont stradle the fence. I would rather you be anti-2A instead 50/50 in support of it. That way I know you are against it and I dont need to deal with you. If you only support half it puts you in that mushy middle. I wont view you as an ally or enemy. You dont have to agree with something yet still support it. I dont agree with the religion of Islam due to my dealings in the Middle East and working in a prison. However, I support their freedom of religion and their freedom to worship.

When Florida started the concealed carry movement in 87, there was going to be bloodshed and wild west shootouts. Guess what, crime went down. Same thing now with open carry, its just going to be a big shootout at the O.K. Corall. No its not. If it means more law abiding citizens are carrying firearms daily, crime will go even further down. There are tactical advantages as well as disadvantages to both styles. Here in Florida the thermostat seems to always be stuck on Hell. Open carry would definately make it more comfortable to carry a large pistol in the heat. We tried to get it last year, but the idiot Florida Sheriffs Association scared them into only allowing legal accidental open carry.

All in all, if you like it, support it. If you dont like it, support it.
June 13, 2012  •  12:19 PM
@bowserb - Ditto!
When I received my lifetime gun license I went to my local police chief and asked him a few questions. I stated that while I was aware that I could carry my Colt hanging around my neck if I wanted, I wondered if he had a personal preference for public carry. He said that he would greatly appreciate it if I carried caoncealed so as to not alarm the 'sheeple'.
I'm afraid I couldn't agree more with Bowserb... I don't want anybody knowing that I am armed, period.
All the best,
June 13, 2012  •  01:10 PM
Personally, I don't care how someone long as they carry. While I appreciate the enthusiasm for the topic, I think it is important to note that open carry may place someone at a tactical disadvantage. Another important concept often missed by OC'ers is the idea of weapon retention. There's alot more to OC than strapping it on and strolling around town.

Open carry may be legal, but we must remember that its not for everyone. It has its place and it works for some people, but not all, and not all the time. Whatever way you decide to carry, do it safely, do it regularly and do it properly.
June 13, 2012  •  01:11 PM
While I am armed every time I venture from my house, I don't see a day when open carry will appeal to me. I carry to make self defense possible. I am too old and too infirm to go around having to fight the nearest thug because I have a better sidearm than he does. What the people around me don't know can't hurt me, so I will always carry concealed.
June 13, 2012  •  01:35 PM
I wish Texas had open carry for a number of reasons. Mostly so you don't end up in trouble due to an inadvertent showing when some anti-gunner sees it and calls it to the attention of LIO. Would I open carry? Rarely but there are times I can see doing it. Just wish I had the choice.
June 13, 2012  •  01:38 PM
I have to agree with michigan0626, if you support the second amendment then support it 100%. Living in Texas we don't have open carry yet, only concealed carry. There are times that it would nice and convenient to be able to carry openly but I prefer to carry concealed. I have visted some states that allow open carry and I have taken advantage of it and noticed that the other people don't even notice.
Again support the second amendment 100%..
Stay Alert!!
June 13, 2012  •  01:56 PM
There needs to be constitutional open carry, let the sheeple get over it. In all of the states that allow OC we have yet to see the return of the wild west. How a person carries should not be mandated because people are afraid to look at a gun on someone's belt.

I agree it is not for everyone nor is appropriate everywhere, but that decision should be mine and not decided based on media hype and an overly liberal sheriff's association. The media and Jim Coates cost Florida the right to open carry last year. When Jim Coates went before the committee and stated Florida LEO's will be drawing down on anyone openly carrying until law enforcement determined there was no threat....... so by his own admission in his ignorant statements, law abiding, free people here in Florida are viewed as criminals until law enforcement determines otherwise. I'm certain free people deserve better judgement than that from elected officials.

Florida needs open carry, and the option to do so should be decided by each individual based on their own belief system and situation. If we continue to pick apart pieces of our freedoms based on what we like and dislike, we will have nothing left. I prefer to have my freedoms, and the right to decide what is best for me.

I care not if open carry is for you as an individual, but by being against it, you are part of the problem in this country. If you do not support all of our freedoms, you deserve none.
June 13, 2012  •  02:11 PM
I feel that every man, woman, and child over 18 should carry a gun. My feeling for this is that if everyone is carrying a gun, the druggies, gang bangers, would be bank robbers, and the rest of the lowlife would think a whole lot longer before they decided they wanted to commit that crime.
There is a down side to my way of thinking, but it wouldn’t last too long. People are going to get killed, and that’s a fact, but after the initial backlash, law abiding folks will be able to walk the streets at night without worrying about who is hiding around the corner.
Just my thoughts on carrying a gun. And, YES, I do carry, regretfully have had to used it, and won’t hesitate to use it again.
June 13, 2012  •  02:20 PM
@michigan0626 Totally agree with you on your post. EX-LEO, I was always WAY more concerned with guns I didn't see than those I could see... Ask any Wildlife and Parks guys...They deal with it all the time. As for me, I don't worry about people carrying guns until I see them drunk and getting LOUD with those around them. This would definitely be the exception to the rule in my books. I seldom see guys who are responsible enough to be licensed allowing themselves the stupidity of drunk at the same time, owing that almost all are responsible to start with. Key word on all this.... RESPONSIBLE. Enough said there, except I DO DEFINITELY FAVOR THIS OPEN CARRY CONCEPT..!
June 13, 2012  •  02:46 PM
I don't know of this gentleman, his politics or his position on the 2nd Amendment but, after reading his article I found myself with an unpleasant taste in my mouth. What the heck was the point of his comments? He says that his "preaching point" (btw-I don't know about you guys but I don't care to be preached at by anybody) is "A right unexercised is a right lost." To which, my reply is, "If a tree falls in an empty forest still make a noise?"
His use of a picture of the "Black Panthers" is another way of stirring the pot amongst those of us who were around back then. Total foolishness & yellow journalism.
Finally, what ever happens in CA legislativally, is irrelevant to those of us who live in the USA.
June 13, 2012  •  02:50 PM
1.That it is our Right. We should defend all of our rights to the fullest to prevent their erosion and loss.
2.Open Carry (OC)allows citizens to defend themselves in public. We have three places we all go, Home, work and public places.In public places is where most crimes will occur, criminals attack our daughters in parking garages, streets, walkways, public places. yes crimes occur at home and our workplaces so we should of course have and exercise our rights and responsibilities of self defense there as well.
3. There are tactical considerations that depending upon one's circumstances it may be better to Concealed carry instead of open. In states that are Constitutional carry, we our daughters are free to choose what we or they feel is best for themselves. In many States issuance of CCWs is the norm(Hurrah Wisconsin) so people have a choice. Most states allow OC even if CCWs are difficult or people choose to self defend w/o having the foresight (or state resid req) to obtain a CCW so OC is a default option.For those that live in States of Tyranny, Illinois or myself and daughters in Calif we have no CCW option and we have now no OC option.At least prior to the recent additional level of tyranny we could and did OC in CA.
June 13, 2012  •  03:01 PM
Follow up
4. For those that did not receive the analysis of why the CA State Leg banned OC I will share it with you. The pols correctly discerned that gun owners are a threat to the reelection of leftists pols. They want fewer gun owners, not more, hence their blocks on CCWs. With OC we circumvented their blocks. OC creates more gun owners. more importantly OC is the most effective means for the swift multiplication of gun-owners (and new non-leftist voters). Every day we OCd we impacted people, on an average day I positively impacted 50-100 people who saw a good citizen OC a firearm for self defense. OC normalized gun possession in public. People ask you, if you are friendly, cute, what kind of permit? and such. Once they realize that you are just Joe or Suzi Citizen, when they discover that they too can OC , they do, that is what multiplies the OC so quickly. It is only the outright hostility of many law enf. pulling drawn guns and such on OC people and the threat of being arrested for improperly..... OC that dissuaded people from OC. OC meant you needed to really know your law, follow it, not be intimidated by over-reacting police and NLS sufferers. That dissuaded 99% of otherwise OC folks. Attempts to demonize us failed as people experienced us firsthand, at the supermarket, the bank, Mc Donald’s, in our daily lives. One hundred OC people impact positively, 5-10,000 people a DAY! One thousand OCers in So Cal would have pos impacted ONE MILLION So cal residents, many of them multiple times, in just 30 days! In areas where OC became common, Hermosa Beach and other So Bay areas, the Law enf harassment disappeared and became acceptance and a friendly respect.

The reaction to the swiftly occurring OC created revolution was the leftists move to "Strangle the baby in the crib". Ergo when that child grows up it will overthrow you, so kill it while it is young and killable. That is what they proceeded to do. OC of handguns illegal, well except for 117 exemptions and they created another legal web to ensnare gun owners in. As OC permanently adjusts people's mindset to assert their rights, many OC people immediately changed to OC of rifles. The leftists reaction, they now seek to ban that as well. This shows that they understand the pol necessity of strangling the baby in the crib. Is this ultimately good or bad for OC and our 2nd Amendment? The answer I suggest is absolutely YES! I will finish my essay on this and will post here for your edification and enlightenment. FEEL FREE TO OFFER CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM, I assume we all have the shared goal of liberty. I do not suggest that I have the 'best' plan, only a plan, maybe only the 2nd best plan. Lets take the 'best plan we got, 2nd best' and implement it forthwith. I will encourage others to post all the maxims about "2nd best plans executed swiftly".
June 13, 2012  •  04:00 PM
@Mason609 In Ohio You can ope carry pretty much anywhere.
June 13, 2012  •  06:10 PM
I believe the original article on this forum had to do with dilaplaying a magazine belt in Florida in a concealed state it seams like that's showing off. I personally would not open carry because we live in a law suit happy society. Where one who hand loads can be seen as a cowboy. And if your concealed weapon isn't a double action with at least a 5 lb. pull your Bernhard Goetz. Can one draw from outside the clothing holster faster than than a good concealed one. People will probably get jacked for their guns if the gun was worth enough. I think if you display your firearm half of the reasons will be to show off. JMB. Texas
June 13, 2012  •  06:18 PM
I agree with the comments on open carry. That it may cause some people problems. However, I don't believe we need to carry openly as a general rule.
Some of the places I enter have a rule restricting firearms on the premises, so I do not take mine in with me.
June 13, 2012  •  09:14 PM
My thoughts: I do support open carry if you really REALLY need to for business or employment or even just for the hell of it. Concealed carry would be my option as I wouldn't want everyone to know that I'm armed and it would keep a lot of pulses down to as in this day and age people tend to over react and create drama.
I wouldn't open carry for a few reasons, first one being there's quite a few people that would see that and want to start some shit just because...I don't need that.
There's also your friendly "everyone is guilty" Law Enforcement Officers and/or security guards, and all it is to them is a reason to harass you. I don't WANT or need that crap.
Lastly is general people....people freak out over stupid shit and I'm sure the sight of a gun only adds to it. If anything EVER happened and a person was talking to the media, THE FIRST THING OUT OF THEIR MOUTHS AND THROWN OUT THERE TO THE MASSES WOULD BE: "WELL, HE HAD A GUN!". The media LOVES to bash on anything they can, especially THAT.
There's also quite a few places here in Las Vegas that prohibit carrying of firearms, whether you're licensed or not, so concealed would definitely be the way to go.
But like I said, if you feel the need, carry to your hearts content, it's our right to do so.
June 13, 2012  •  11:24 PM
I live in Oklahoma and we know that this measure passed for political reasons. Oklahoma in general is a safe place to live, most gun crimes could not have been prevented by anyone carrying even a concealed weapon.

Since this world is not perfect I'll carry important things out of sight. Including : My wallet, my gun, my money.

Those things act like magnets, no doubt. If people know you have a fat wallet full of money hanging around your neck or a fist of money in your hand or a gun on your belt, is just a matter of time, you'll get the wrong attention.

In case of trouble, a perp will go for your holstered gun first and whether you want to believe me or not, once that gun is out of that holster someone will have to die.

I really don't see the point of looking intimidating and dangerous in an urban center, unless I'm wearing a uniform to match the decor.
June 14, 2012  •  10:13 AM
"Let 'em get used to it" sounds good, but in our country right now, I don't see it happening. The sheeple freak out too easily, and if they freak out at the sight of your gun, they'll vote accordingly. Since the SocialistDemocrats and Comrade Obama are openly fighting the 2nd Amendment, why risk giving them more support?

The election this November could well be the end of 2A gun rights for the next 25 years--or forever. The next president will get to appoint 2 or three new Supreme Court justices. When the SC is 7 to 2 anti-gun, you can just sit back and wait for the gun confiscators to come to your door. Our mission is not to teach the sheeple--it's to GET OBAMA OUT OF OFFICE!

And...unless you have eyes in the back of your head or constantly move like you're on patrol in Afghanistan, I can guarantee that in many areas of Houston, if you carry a gun openly, someone will hit you on the back of the head with a pipe and take it from you. Then, they'll shoot you with it. Yes, it is easier to draw an uncovered gun, but I still want surprise on my side.
June 14, 2012  •  07:31 PM
I live in Arizona where constitutional carry is the law. One of the many reasons I chose to live here is the overall believe in personal responsibility.

I have had CCW in 5 states now including Arizona and usually do carry concealed. However, the summer is a bit toasty in this part of the country and I do frequently open carry in the summer. No one even bats an eye. The only questions I have ever got are "Is that a Sig?" "What caliber is that? When I carry my 1911 (my usual carry) I most often get told that they like my grip (Don't Tread on Me).

In this area you can open carry as you go about your daily business with no questions, no stares and no negative remarks. It is considered normal because so many people carry openly. I do my banking with a 1911 on my hip and no one cares. It is understood that law-abiding citizens have the right to carry.

My advice is always the same to the folks worried about someone trying to take it away from them: Be aware of your surroundings and who is close to you at all times. Yes I live at that level of awareness and it has saved my butt on several occasions.
June 14, 2012  •  08:55 PM
In response to JMB. Peopledo not get jacked fortheir guns.Does not happen why> Think about it. Criminals go for EZ is anybody carrying a gun an EZ target? As to draw from holster and load vs draw from concealed, that is a tactical choice. Fact is that anyone who is OC is goiungto be attacked, while a CCW may well be, no ddeterrent factor. Thanks for the input!
June 14, 2012  •  09:04 PM
In resp[onse to Pshchodriver.Your perceptions are quite the norm for people who have not OCd aor walked around with those that do. By and large, we are not noticed. When you have a large group, twenty people all sitting in a restaurant all with holstrers, or all walking togeteher, yes then youget noticed. but I have never had or seen a ''runnin screaming... encounter. The most we ever got were some Brady nut protestors, they walked around carried there signs, and were ignored by the public. Perhaps I should post photos when my wife and I are dancing at street fair events and I am holstered. I donot look like a cop, I am dancin with a good lookin blonde, (yeah they wre lookin at her so the holster was ignored) but walkin around OC was with one exception a big no-excitement. No screamin wackjobs. The one exception was a security guard that wanted to play Mr. Impress me. I politely told him I was not intersted in leaving the Street fair, that he had no auyoriyty as it was a public street nor would I let him hold my gun, or myy hand and that he could go away. He created a disturbance by ha=is actions shouting, calling for the Poice, warning people away etc. The PD showed up, nicely dii an 'e' check, we chatted, they left now converts to OC, and Mr. Sec dufess looked like the dufess.
June 14, 2012  •  09:06 PM
@gatopardo Thanks for posting.OC vs. CCW is a tactical choice. If one does not have the option to CCW Calif and other nonOK states it is a choice of defenseless or OC. If thiose are your choices, would you not OC?
June 14, 2012  •  09:08 PM
@Mason609 Is your question directed at those in states that allow OC or those that do not?
June 14, 2012  •  09:10 PM
@gatopardo The whole point of OC is Not tolook intimidating, it is to 1. Show potential theats to you or those around you are not EZ targets, criminals go away. and @. A Political impacrt. Our 2nd Amendment is our right to self defense. It's not just about sports or hunting, it is primarily about self-defense, a right everyone asserts as wel as sprotin hunting and defense against tyranny.
June 14, 2012  •  09:11 PM
@Thebiker Great post. Please contribute frequently.
June 14, 2012  •  09:15 PM
@bowserb Thanks for postering your insite. CCW vs OC is a tactical question. In Texas YOU get to choose. For those of us in States of tyranny we may not choose CCW. For many our only choices were OC or defenseless. If those wee you two choices, say you came out to visit and we were going to go check out Malibu Veach, would you RATHER be defenseless or OC? OC of course. Now in Calif we have an even smaller choice defenseless or OC a rifle. Now carrying a rifle in Malibu is a PITB but we can choose to not be defenseless. Meanwhile we are fightin anf workin to return OC. When we do, gun owners will be the edge that turns this State around as were the gun owners CCWs in Wisconsin this June.
June 15, 2012  •  05:11 PM
I have a few issues about Open Carry. They are these, in no particular order:
1)Many members of the general public are frightened by the open carrying of a firearm by anyone not in uniform. It is not a fault of theirs; it's
just something they have grown up with. To overcome their fear would require a great deal of education and repetition.

2)How does anyone, including law officers, generally determine that a person openly carrying a firearm is doing so legally? If I am carrying, I certainly don't want everyone, or a substantial majority of people, asking me if I am doing it legally. And I certainly do not want to be

challenged by every police officer who sees me. How do I know that the person I see walking into a store, with a weapon on his hip, is doing so legally?

3)How does a police officer know if someone openly carrying is doing so legally? We won't be in uniforms, we won't be carrying badges. Do the police need to challenge each and every person they see with a weapon? If one walks down the street of a substantial city, will one be challenged

by each and every police officer who may see them? Wouldn't that become far more than tedious? What if each officer drew their weapon and told the suspected person to surrender theirs, each and every time?

4)Not being police officers, a regular law-abiding citizen (especially in some states which even allow open carry), is not allowed to take control of or brandish a firearm unless required as a last resort to protect life or property. This is very different from the rights of police,

who can justifiably and legally use their weapons simply as a means of arrest or gaining control of a situation, whether or not lives are threatened.

5)If one is in "suburbia" or in a country-like setting, there isn't much danger of being accosted by a criminal. But if the person openly carrying was in a town or city, and there was a criminal element present, the person doing the carrying is in effect advertising that they have

something of great value (the gun) that could be taken, and that it is unlikely that the carrying person has much else for self defense. Thus one could be knocked over the head (for example), without any warning, and the weapon stolen and even be used against them. In a place with many more

people, it would be difficult to keep track of each other person, and try to identify which one was a threat. The criminals, in fact, could become emboldened. Some gang members might consider "knocking over" a person doing open carry as a right of passage.

6) I, for one, would rather have my weapon concealed, something like my "ace-in-the-hole" as my last resort.
June 15, 2012  •  07:24 PM

A cop is only allowed to ask you if you are legally carrying a firearm if he "reasonably suspicion" that you have, are, or about to commit a felony. If your state has and allows open carry, then simply walking around with a gun on your hip does not give the cop "reasonable suspicion." There has to be another reason as to why he would be questioning you. If he asks you to identify yourself and to prove you are being legal, then he is illegally questioning you. Should you comply? Yes, however take his name and badge number and file a complaint. He needs to ask questions based on a different set of circumstances, ie, "Were you at such and such a place at o' dark thirty? A man there robbed a store wearing a jacket like yours." That would give his reasonable suspicion and your answers could then give him probable cause?
June 19, 2012  •  11:40 PM
@regload Thanks for posting your concerns. Having OCd many times I have never had anyone 'afraid'. No hysterical or screaming or babbling NOTHING! The public assume that if you are OC you must be OK. You act as anyone else does who is not.Walk in to the supermarket, the hair salon the dry cleaners. Nothing. Even when I was in Westlake Village and my daughter was giving me a hair cut in the salon (WLVG is NOT redneck)I had a couple people who asked or chatted (my daughter and I are both A+++ friendly chatty) Shared how a few weeks earlier a not job shot those unarmed people in a hair salon in Orange County CA. They concurred they were much safer as noone would likelyeven try it if they see anyone in there with a holstered gun.
June 19, 2012  •  11:46 PM
@regload as to #2. Unless you are a Conv felon you can OC legally in many states. When we could in CA most cops correctly assumed that if you OCd you weer of course legal, so what's the point? They found the 12031 e check (to cofirm not loaded) pretty dull after they had done them a dozen times. OCs did not react badlyt and used it as an opp to engeg our local cops in the advantages to all of OC. The cops got it. They are absolutely wrong to draw down on you and I am not aware of anyone who ever OCd where that happened except on one ocassion with LAPD who drew down on four OC guys once. At an OC event on Colorado Blvd PASADENA we had some Brady wack-jobs protesting us. Had one old lady shouting at the cops pointing at us, trying to roick ur boat,. Pasadena PD looked at us and told her to "Have a nice evening" and drove off!
June 19, 2012  •  11:54 PM
@regload #4 and #5 Brandishing means to draw or wave. That is why the holster is great. Clearly not 'brandishing!
Guns are NOT of great value, to the criminal. According to the LA Sheriffs Dept a stolen handgun on the street can be purchased for $100. There are plenty of guns available to criminals.For most crimes they do not use a gun. Armed robbery or drivebys that's about it.They can get a gun for $100. Thatit is a lot easirer to steal somethingt for $100 than to go after an ARMED target fot $100! Criminals pey on the eakest target that has the lowest possibility of self-defense with the lowest probability of the criminal being sent BACK to prison. An armed target is not a cost effective target. The same potential target unarmed is of course farmore inviting. In the case of an armed woman that dramatically changes the equation. her thenmotive is more likely rape. There are plenty of other targets for them. Your armed daughter is far too dangerous, and SHE aint cute enough to get shot over!
June 20, 2012  •  12:05 AM
@regload As to #6 I would rather deter the crime attempt than win the shoot out. The other problem with CCW is when you draw too early, the bum was just a panhandling bum, THAT is brandishing. You wait too long, you are attacked and at a tactical disadvantage. I would prefer to OC.

For Fifty million Americans in CA and ILL, yes one in six Americans, we have no CCW option. The same fifty million American Citizens also have no OC option. So we need to get OC back in CA. That effort is under way. Would we like to have the option of CCW? Sure. Can we get that through the leftist State Leg, in CA No. CA is a ONE party State same in Ill. Can we get CCW through the Courts? Not likely judges are political appointees, but its possible. Now with Heller they hold out hope, but only a poss. Get the Courts to affirm OC unloaded is a 2nd Amendment right? MUCH easier. For if unloaded posession is not a 2nd Amendment then nothing is. That might get the whole 'infringement' tossed. Likely we get a OC unloaded as within our rights. If so, then we will OC. We get that, we get 100,000 folks in CA to OC especially women, we normatize firearms in ublic, we change the hearts and minds of regular folks, we will win the political struggle. THEN we will have CCW. Not likely until we win the political struggle.
OC gives us the means to win it.
June 23, 2012  •  10:00 AM
I believe that no one has the right to stop any of us from protecting our family and way of life, including freedom, Though there are many people wanting to chop away at those very freedoms everyday. I also wish that the world was peaceful enough place not to need guns, but I'm old enough the know there are evil people all over this world wanting to do harm to other without cause.
My parents,wife, sons, daughter, brother, neighbors and friends all stand together to protect ourselves and others who believe the same.
Today's administration would like to have all guns removed, one step closer to tyranny and some say the framework has been laid out for this administration to enact Marshal Law. Something our founding fathers provisioned against. By Governed body's not allowing open carry it would be on step closer to making it illegal to own a gun.
For those who do not like guns, don't own one and don't come running to those of us that do if crap hits the fan.
June 23, 2012  •  03:21 PM
Well said Michigan! I wish NY State was better than they are about carrying. Here those of us who carry have to be paranoid that someone is going to see that we are and then point us out to some LEO who is going to get major picky and etc. etc. etc. It would be better when we carry that we could be looked at as the norm, not like a police officer wannabe, or some militant nut job! Just someone who understands that the job of police is to investigate crime after the fact. It is up to the average citizen to protect himself and his own and not to be the sheep/victem that the liberal social mindset wants us to be. And noplace wants their populace to be more helpless than NYS.
Just look who we keep electing into office... Even our conservative party is liberal.
June 24, 2012  •  10:49 PM
Only 40 comments so far?
June 26, 2012  •  10:31 AM
I don't understand the point about Indiana having licensed open carry. Maybe it is something new, but when I lived in Indiana, 1979-2007, a concealed handgun license was all there was, and concealment was mandatory. Open carry of a handgun, unless by a cop or licensed security guard was illegal, and considered brandishing. There were no legal restrictions on carrying a long gun openly, but it was very rare to see anyone doing so, and to do so would get you interrogated by every cop you encountered.
June 26, 2012  •  10:39 AM
I personally have no moral objection to open carry, but even where it is legal, very few people do so on a regular basis. The main problem I see with it is that there would be the usual bunch of idiots who'd want to be the "baddest gunslinger in town". They would put all our rights to own and carry guns at risk. If it would be that "everybody" who could legally do so actually carried everywhere so it would not make a spectacle of you for carrying, it might be OK, but there would still be a bunch of people carrying who are not legally eligible to own guns, i.e., convicted criminals.