Off Duty Cops Have a Busy Week Already

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When law enforcement officers take the uniform off and head home, they often do not leave the job with the polyester on the hanger. Recently officers in both Chicago and Houston have had to do some moonlighting.

(Off duty cops, such as this one in an airport in Hawaii, often get involved in situations to save lives, putting their own on the line in the process)


Deanese Williams-Harris of the Chicago Times tells the story beautifully:

"A gun pointed at his gut, the off-duty sheriff's sergeant digs through his pockets with his left hand, fumbling for money, as the three robbers surround him at the Far South Side gas station.

The sergeant is surer with his right hand, quickly drawing his own gun and firing point-blank. The gunman, 16, drops at his feet as the two others scatter, according to surveillance video that captured the robbery Monday night at a Citgo station at 103rd Street and Cottage Grove Avenue, across the street from Gately Stadium.

The sergeant swings around at the fleeing robbers, then points the gun down as the gunman struggles to get up. The video shows the sergeant kicking away the robber's gun and then opening the passenger door of his own car, apparently to get his phone..."

(Photo credit: Chicago Sun times)

This was the scene that unfolded this week at a gas station where an off duty police sergeant was accosted by three armed robberies in a gas station parking lot. The sergeant killed one of the gunmen and sent the other two fleeing.

The search for them is ongoing.


Moonlighting in an apartment complex as a courtesy officer (a type of security guard, typically one with law enforcement credentials), an off-duty University of Texas police officer was confronted by an intruder in an apartment that had been broken into.
Fearing for his life, the officer, who is a 7-year veteran of the UTPD fired his weapon at the intruder who was struggling with him.

Now there is one dead assailant, and one off duty cop with a heck of a mess on his hands for a part time job.

Other recent cases

In a case remarkably similar to the one in the apartment complex, an off duty Houston PD officer working as a security guard stopped a suspicious character in the area after a string of robberies. The suspect then put his hand in his waistband and rushed towards the officer, refusing to stop. Fearing for his life he fired once and ended the threat.

A female San Francisco PD Sergeant with ten years on the force was involved in a fender bender in January with one 37-year old Joel Henriquez decided that some road range was in order. After punching the off duty female officer in the face (what a gentleman), she drew her weapon to defend herself. Henriquez is now looking at charges of battery on a police officer. Should have just exchanged insurance numbers...

Just two weeks ago, an off duty Cleveland officer was headed home when he saw a pair of large Rottweiler's attacking a pedestrian. After he stopped and tried to get the dogs to cease the attack, he was forced to use his duty weapon on them. These vicious dogs had attacked three other people in the area before the unidentified officer went back on the clock.

You can never be too careful when out in public, even if you are an off duty cop. Just ask Cook County sheriffs officer Cuauhtemoc Estrada. Estrada, 50 was killed while off duty outside of a VFW hall in Bellwood California just six weeks ago while attending a family party. He was off duty but when he saw two masked men attempting an armed robbery of his daughter and her boyfriend at gunpoint in the parking lot, Estrada went for his own gun and was killed.

We salute these men and women who continue to uphold the law even when out of uniform.

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March 8, 2014  •  05:34 PM
Excellent write up, thank you