North Dakota man ends robbery in 3 seconds, has gunfight in his own living room

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The peaceful town of Golden Valley North Dakota was the scene Monday of an attempted armed robbery in which three goons attempted to invade a 60-year old man's home. What happened next will amaze you.

The town

Quiet Golden Valley, North Dakota is located in Mercer County, about in the middle of this border state. According to census records, this Old West boomtown has been growing smaller for the past seventy years or so, peaking at 400 in 1940. Today, there are but 182 residents in the city, one of whom is 60-year old Jeff Gegelman, who, along with his wife, runs the local florist.


Apparently, Jeff does not like unannounced house calls.

"You came to the wrong house today."

Gegelman was home on March 31st at about 3:30pm when he saw three men in a small car drive into his yard. The men, not known to him cane and knocked loudly on the door. Sitting in the house but not going to the door, he watched while the car backed up to the house and, two of the strangers pushed open his front door.

It was then that Gegelman, armed with a .22 pistol, pointed it at the two intruders and told them, "You came to the wrong house today."

Then like a Hollywood movie, a gunfight, according to Gegelman, started in his own living room, with the intruders firing first.

"I was watching the one who was shooting, watching his gun, the smoke and fire. I'm too damned old to be shooting at people," Gegelman said Monday.

The gunman, hit in the back by the homeowner, ran from the scene with his partners and jumped into the car.

The aftermath

Gegelman, wounded himself with two shots to the arm and one to the chest, followed the attempted robbers outside, taking down their license plate number on a scrap of paper. Then he calmly got in his car and drove 17 miles towards the nearest hospital before he came across a law enforcement officer. Airlifted to medical care, Gegelman recovered.

Police tracked the plates down and apprehended one Brett D. Knudson, age 20, while driving the getaway car, minus the other two suspects. Police found in a search of his home and car a .38 caliber revolver with spent shell casings, a loaded Ruger MkII rifle and a knife as well as some drug paraphernalia.


Knudson still carried one of Gegelman's rounds in his back apparently and was treated at a local hospital and released.

According to the Bismarck Tribune, Mercer County State's Attorney Jessica Binder said Knudson has requested a court-appointed attorney. She said a preliminary hearing has not yet been scheduled.

He is being held on a $500,000 cash bond and is charged with attempted murder and criminal trespass, both felonies, and misdemeanor charges of driving under suspension and possession of drug paraphernalia. He has a previous conviction for disorderly conduct.

For Mr. Gegelman, he is happy to be back home with his wife, although he still has a bullet lodged inside him.

He also plans to get himself a bigger gun and more bullets.

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April 3, 2014  •  12:12 PM
this guy is lucky to be alive, and yes he needs a better gun.
April 3, 2014  •  12:30 PM
Yay for him! Please do get a bigger gun that shoots a lot of ammo fast! How about one of those 30 caliber magazine clip ghost guns that shoots them all in just a half second!!
April 3, 2014  •  12:49 PM
omg where did he get a noisy cricket from MIB at? I cannot believe that anyone would buy a gun that small for the only gun you have for hd
April 4, 2014  •  07:38 PM
I have one of those in 22 mag. It is not my only gun. But I sometimes carry it while bicycling. Beats a sharp stick!
April 5, 2014  •  12:13 PM
Very lucky for this homeowner to have survived. Only reason is that he was facing people motivated by theft, not murder.

Glad it worked out for him but everything about this story serves as an example of what "not to do."

April 6, 2014  •  08:00 AM
I carry one of those (crickets) in 22 mag sometimes as a BUG, while it maybe small, I sure as hell would not want to be hit by it, same goes for the gun in reg 22LR IF and I mean IF loaded with Stingers, but if reg 22 low velocity rds are used you may as well shoot BBs.......but at least he had something and survived the encounter
April 9, 2014  •  03:06 AM
Yeah, I have to agree that this guy is LUCKY!! His little back up gun DID come in handy, but, for home defense, he DOES need to get something ....a little bigger. :-) And of course for those people who want to limit the capacity, well, this guy is doubly lucky, that these robbers were knuckleheads, as if they were highly motivated, this guy would have run out of bullets and been dead in a longer gunfight.

Since I would GUESS, that he may be recoil resistant, then I would recommend either a double stack 9mm, or at the least, a double stack .380, if not a 20 gauge with the newer home defense loads.
April 9, 2014  •  08:58 AM
To keep a grip on and manipulate the tiny single action only revolver while in the stress and excitement of the moment is amazing. Mr Gegelman must be one very confident person.

While it deterred the felons, a bigger gun may have killed the scum and rid society of a couple punks who will now live long enough to do it again and possibly kill some some innocent citizens.. For the sake of society ,Good citizens should carry well capable firearms.
October 5, 2014  •  11:31 PM
Of course you will want a shotgun in your hands in this situation!
However these little revolvers slip into a pocket without a problem, and you can always be armed so long as you have a pocket avail. North American Arms makes a beautifully made mini hand gun at a very fair price. I like the magnum companion with a l.r. cylinder. You can wrap packets of 5 rounds in paper and tape for any reloading necessary, and it simply goes into the pocket with no concerns of printing, or sagging. Of course you keep a shotgun handy!