New Sig P227

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SIG Sauer has finally listened to its American fan base and introduced a double-stack 45ACP pistol. Based on the lines of the classic P226 series, this new P227 can very well be a perfect SIG for the US.

Why the need

The Swiss armament firm of SIG (Swiss Arms AG), prohibited by the country's strict export laws, has long collaborated with the German firm of Sauer and Sons to sell rifles, and pistols around the world. Since 1975, their P-series pistols have been extremely popular with military and law enforcement for their 'to hell and back reliability'. The US military wanted the P226 in 9mm in the 1980s, but the Beretta M9 (92F) could be bought slightly cheaper so the Italian guns have accompanied America's grunts in the field for the past thirty years. However, the military has still snuck in orders of P228s (for military police), P226s (for SEALS) and P229s (for criminal investigators and the Coast Guard) as a matter of common practice.

The thing is, most SIG models are in 9mm, .40S&W, or the pepper-hot .357SIG calibers. The only choice for .45ACP lovers in the SIG line has been the P220-- a beefy single stack pistol roughly the same size as the old S&W4506. While many have called this perhaps the best imported .45 right out of the box, it was still just an 8-shot and a bulky 8-shot at that. Of course there was the even blockier polymer framed P250, but this gun is not generally well liked.

The New P227

New Sig P227 - christophereger - 227-nitron-detail-hero-1366.jpg
(P227 Nitron, photo from SIG)

Taking their tried-and-true P226 model combat pistol and pulling off a slight redesign, SIG has at last given birth to a double-stack .45ACP that still feels like a 9mm in size. They did this by thinning the trigger, using the new, slimmer E2 grip system, and the result is a gun that is virtually dimensionally the same length, width, height, and weight as the vintage P226, but carries ten shots of 45ACP. This means that any holster that reasonably fits the older 226 will work with the new gun. You can also recycle P250 magazines if you mill off a part of the baseplate flange. Sig has plans to ship 14-round mags that extend out of the grip slightly for those who want extra party samples.

New Sig P227 - christophereger - 227-nitron-carry-detail-hero-1367.jpg
(P227 Nitron Carry, photo from SIG)

They have just started shipping these guns in Nitron, Carry Nitron, and SAS variants.

New Sig P227 - christophereger - 227-sas-detail-hero-1368.jpg
(P227 SAS Gen 2, photo from SIG. Note, no accessory rail)

Specs (SAS Gen2 model)

  • Caliber .45 ACP
  • Action Type DA/SA
  • Trigger Pull DA 10.0 lbs
  • Trigger Pull SA 4.4 lbs
  • Overall Length 7.10 in
  • Overall Height 5.50 in
  • Overall Width 1.50 in
  • Barrel Length 3.9
  • Sight Radius 5.7 in
  • Weight w/Mag 30.5 oz
  • Mag Capacity 10 Rounds
  • Sights SIGLITE Night Sights
  • Grips One-piece polymer
  • Frame Finish Black Hard Anodized
  • Slide Finish Nitron
  • Accessory Rail No
  • Features Nitron finish dehorned slide, light-weight dehorned alloy carry frame, SRT Trigger
  • MSRP $1,125.00 (heys it's a SIG!)
  • CA Compliant No
  • MA Compliant No

While the price may seem daunting, compared to a high-end .45 by Kimber or Les Baer, it's right on target. Moreover, it's a SIG...

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