NYPD Moving Forward with Gun Confiscation

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Apparently, even as former Mayor Bloomberg moves on from partisan politics in Gotham, the city's police department, which is the largest municipal law enforcement agency in the country, is moving to snatch up guns from law abiding citizens. It may come as a shock to you, but the law they are using is actually more than twenty years old.

The Letter

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Two weeks ago copies of these letter started showing up on the internet and social media sites. In the interest of bringing you journalism and not simple rumors, we sat on the story awaiting developments. Initially it looked like some sort of sham. A joke or mock up made for reasons unknown. But it wasn't. It turns out that no less than 500 letters went out to New Yorkers, penned from the very Police Department that is to protect them, telling them they had to turn their weapons in.

The text reads:

"It appears that you are in possession of a Rifle and/or Shotgun (listed below) that has an ammunition feeding device capable of holding more than five (5) rounds of ammunition.
Rifles and Shotguns capable of holding more than five (5) rounds of ammunition are unlawful to possess in New York City, as per NYC Administrative Code 10-306 (b).
You have the following options:
1. Immediately surrender your Rifle and/or Shotgun to your local police precinct, and notify this office of the invoice number. The firearm may be sold or permanently removed from the City of New York thereafter.
2. Permanently remove your Rifle and/or Shotgun from New York City and provide the following:
Disposition Report/Registration Certificate (PD Form 641-121)
Notarized statement of permanent removal and statement of where the firearm will be stored outside the City of New York
Utility bill or other proof of residency regarding the address where the firearm will be stored outside the City of New York
3. You may call to discuss the matter if you believe your firearm is in compliance, or you may request the option to bring your firearm to a licensed gunsmith for a permanent modification and certification proving that it is permanently modified and is in compliance. If you are granted the option of seeking a permanent modification, you must provide proof that the firearm is in the possession of a licensed gunsmith in a timely manner."

The letter goes on to list whichever offending firearms the resident may be guilty of owning. In the case of the letter above, it is three magazines fed .22LR target rifles.

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How did this happen

It turns out that these guns are known to the NYPD due to the city's requirements that all firearms legally owned in the metropolis be registered. Of course, illegally owned guns have no such stigma or obligation associated with them. It seems the city is suddenly going through its records and is identifying guns that are in violation of NYC ADC Law 10-306 which states in part, "No person may possess an ammunition feeding device which is designed for use in a rifle or shotgun and which is capable of holding more than five rounds of rifle or shotgun ammunition"

Hey, if you can make it there, you can make it anywhere...

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December 11, 2013  •  06:40 AM
Again with the punish the legal gun owner and not allow them to protect themselves in a city that has one of the highest crime rate in the nation. Obviously people need to step up and assert their right and tell Bloomberg that he is a loser and ouster him from any post that has any kind of leadership associated with it. If citizens don't assert their right the government has no problem taking them away. Obama is doing his best to turn the US into a dictatorship and he has minions like Bloomberg helping him.
December 12, 2013  •  01:26 AM
This is ridiculous and arbitrary. Why not 4 rounds? Or 3? Next they will restrict which caliber you can own, and only allow barrels under 18", or guns with wooden grips... In a city riddled with some of the highest crime rates, it seems indefensible that the NYPD would spend their limited resources enforcing arbitrary firearms restrictions on otherwise law-abiding citizens. How will they enforce? Should we expect the SS to go door-to-door disarming the citizenry? What are the consequences for those who do not comply? Will they be fined? Arrested? Shot? The whole thing is so terribly draconian...and no positive outcome should be expected from this police state action.
December 12, 2013  •  01:47 PM
WOW...I am glad I moved out of NYC....I think this whole thing is ludicrous!!!!
December 22, 2013  •  08:10 PM
Obviously New York and Chicago are opposite sides of the same coin. Hopefully rural New York state and Illinois state are more tolerant of gun ownership and rights. Move OUT of gun intolerant places and to places that honor and defend constitutional rights as expressly stated in the constitution.