My new EDC for civilian life

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After 20 years on the job I retired last summer. I carried my duty weapon, usually a full-size Glock, in a belt holster on my right hip with my badge right in front of it. On the left side a spare magazine or two and set of handcuffs balanced the weight. When off duty I slid my gun it to the 4 o'clock position, still in the OWB holster but I ditched the cuffs and mag pouch.

I tried a couple of different IWB holsters but never got used to them. They weren't comfortable or practical. My threshold for "practical" was something I could move around in well enough to be able to change a tire on the highway at late night. It happened to me before so I figured it could happen again.

So that was then this is now.

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My Everyday Carry (EDC) now is a Glock 19. I did my own grip reduction, undercut the trigger guard and stippled the frame. The stock trigger was replaced with a Zev Tech Fulcrum Trigger Kit. I tried a couple of nights sights but settled on a Warren Tactical fiber optic front with a black rear. It's carried in a G-Code INCOG IWB holster on the left side even though I'm right handed. It's just more comfortable for me to carry it that way.

As for a knife, I carry a Ban Tang pikal (fixed blade) in a Kydex sheath. I have handheld flashlights everywhere. A couple in my truck, range bag, work bag and all over the house. A 5.11 ATAC L1 flashlight is clipped to my belt or in a coat pocket when I go out at night.

Like most men over 50 I've taken my share of martial arts classes. I've had the privilege of taking a combatives course from Kelly McCann in Fredericksburg, Virginia. It wasn't so much of a privilege to get a beat-down every day for a week straight but the knowledge he passed is priceless. There's been a couple of knife fighting classes here and there and a Sergeant I worked with in the Marine Corps ensured we were well trained in the use of a knife as an offensive weapon. That's why I prefer a fixed blade over a folding knife.

I personally own a number of different handguns now. Mostly Glocks but I have a few 1911's and other SA, DA/SA and striker fired guns. All the Glocks have been "upgraded" to some extent.

Of all the guns I own this Glock 19 just happens to be the most accurate. Even before I dropped in the Zev Tech trigger it was as good as my Wilson Combat CQB. By the way, if you haven't shot a Glock with an aftermarket trigger like a Zev Tech, Salient or Agency Arms you owe it to yourself to check it out. There are other high-end aluminum triggers out there that I'm sure are just as good but I only have experience with the three referenced above.

Besides looking good, the INCOG IWB holster stays put where you want it. I use the two belt loop configuration on mine but they can be set up for just one. Weapon retention is still important to me so securing the gun to my body is crucial.

Price wise it's about average compared to other holsters on the market. I didn't say it was inexpensive but it is priced well.

Over the years I've bought a lot of holsters for my guns. From nylon, to leather, to injection molded plastic to Kydex. Too many in fact. So here's my tip. Before you buy any gun or holster for yourself try someone else's first if you can.

I keep a spare Glock 17 magazine in my truck and work bag. My carry ammo is the 147 gr Speer Gold Dot 2. If you've read the blogs recently there has been a lot of hype about the FBI going back to the 9 mm round. I've had the full ballistic capabilities brief at Quantico and can say the Gold Dot 2 round is just that good. If you can't get your hands on any then pick up some Hornady Critical Defense ammo. It's a great round as well.

Even though I'm retied I still shoot a lot. I haven't kept an accurate round count but it's probably more than most. For training purposes I use Freedom Munitions 115 gr round nose, Fiocchi 115 gr round nose, Military Ballistic Industries (MBI) 124 gr round nose and Winchester 124 +P round nose. Like anything else shop around for ammo and buy it in bulk whenever possible. Check online for sales at Freedom Munitions and Bulk Ammo. That's what I do.

Stay safe. Train hard and frequently.

--The author served 15 years on active duty in the Marine Corps before his 20 years of service as a Special Agent with the FBI. He owns a firearms training company in Eastern WV, a two hour drive from of Wash, D.C.

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August 24, 2016  •  03:05 PM
Well written and informative article. Several thoughts/questions: Re. Gold Dot2, are there any videos or articles with FBI sourcing? Also, my latest choice for 9mm self defense is the Federal HST in any of the weights I can find. This is based on a number of reviews and opinions from enthusiasts I've gleaned from my research. Was this ammo included in the FBI's study?
Thanks, StLJ
October 3, 2016  •  09:57 AM
I enjoyed your story and took notes, I too have several handguns as well as long guns, more than I will ever need for sure, but it's my passion, the Glock 19 is one of my favorite, size and caliber fit me well, mine has the Ghost 3.5 trigger from the Glock Store in San Diego California, along with a tungsten steel guide rod, Heine figure 8 night sights and Crimson Trace wrap around laser grips. my 19 shoot accurate and the trigger was a great upgrade, I'm going to look into your suggestions and might try the Zev Tech trigger at some point, you have my attention on this one, I use the same ammo you do and find it works well in most all my other guns as well, again thanks for your story, and enjoy your retirement, it only gets better with time...