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Across the country its arguable that more ducks are shot at each season with Mossberg scatterguns than just about any other single brand save for possibly Remington. With that being said, a certain group of professional duck hunters in West Monroe Louisiana are now going quackers for Mossberg.

The series

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OF Mossberg and sons just released the details of its new line of Duck Commander tie-in firearms on its duck season website. Overall, the series consists of a dozen different shotguns, rifles, and pistols that are all decked out in the now familiar landing waterfowl logo of the Willie, Phil, Uncle Si and the gang.

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The Famous Duck Commander logo engraved either on the stock or on the receiver. As a bonus, they all have stocks dipped in Max-5 camo by Realtree (their newest waterfowl pattern, introduced for 2014). Most of the shotguns have premium sighting systems (fiber optics) while even the pistol has a nice little 30mm red dot.


In the new series, Mossberg has, of course, several shotguns branded. In fact, of the dozen firearms in the series, nine are shotguns. This includes the 500 Duck Commander, Flex 500, Bantam 500 (youth model), Mossberg 535 ATS, 835 Ulti-Mag, 935 Mag, a 835 Recoil Reduction model and the 930 Duck Commander. For those who like to take it a little softer and go after mudhens and snipes, there is the International SA20, an autoloading 20-gauge.

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It's not surprising that the 935 is included in this series as its one of Mossberg's best autoloaders and is chambered for 3.5-inch shells. Its barrel is overbored to 10-ga dimension, which gives a gas cushion to regular 12-gauge rounds and is said to generate tighter patterns with steel shot.

While we haven't been able to confirm it will be on production models, the words "Faith, Family, Ducks" is etched into the shotgun's receiver shown in the ads.


Although the company could have had a good tie in with their MMR series of budget AR rifles, the only two longarms in the series that aren't shotguns are both .22LR rifles. There is a version of the 715T Plinkster, an AR clone in looks but not in action, and the Model 702, a more traditional short magazine fed semi-auto. Both, of course, come in the Max-5 camo finish with DC logos.

It is possible that Mossberg left the MMR and its lever-action guns out on purpose since the Robertsons also have their less well known (but still popular in the hunting community) Buck Commander line of deer calls. You can bet, depending on how well these sell, it could happen. (PS, Mossberg, if you haven't thought of this already, we here at Firearms Talk want a cut for suggesting it!)


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Yes, there is a Mossberg pistol, and more so, there is one included in this new series. It's the standard 715P, the short barrel stockless version of the .22LR Plinkster, in Duck Commander livery. At 16-inches overall with a 3.5-pound weight, its a handful but allows you 26 shots of rimfire for when those tin cans act up or when you find pests poking around the campsite. Notably it comes with a 30mm red dot optic standard.

All its missing is a plastic tumbler full of sweet tea.

An American Flag bandana, like the one worn by Willie, however, is included.

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January 14, 2014  •  08:39 AM
I'd buy one simply because I love Mossberg and would like to show a little support for D.C.

But I'm not buying a firearm decked out in camouflage. An elegant wood stock with their logo burned into it would have reeled me in.