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Recommended? - Yes
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Manufacturer - Smith & Wesson

The S&W Model 469 is a semi-automatic pistol, chambered for the 9x19mm Parabellum Cartridge. It is an early model in Smith & Wesson's well-regarded 59-series, envisioned as pistols that could be easily concealed, but possessed sufficient firepower to serve as service weapons as well. It was a traditional double-action weapon with a 3.5-inch barrel, equipped with a slide-mounted safety/decocker. Magazine capacity was 12 rounds. It was also able to accept the 59 series magazines which hold 15 rounds. When Smith & Wesson introduced its "third-generation" series of semi-automatic pistols, several similar pistols succeeded the Model 469.

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April 3, 2014  •  02:53 PM
The S&W 469 is an Aluminum Framed Double Stack 2nd Generation of the Smith & Wesson venerable 39/59 series pistols. It is a 12+1 capacity with it's stock magazines and is able to use the 59 series magazines to increase capacity to 15+1. This pistol was also released in a Matte Nickel finish as the Model 669, which is the only difference is the finish. The 469 uses a dovetailed rear sight with a fixed front sight that is molded into the slide, making it extremely hard to use aftermarket sights on the pistol. The front sight does have a groove that was colored Yellow from the factory, rear sight had a "U" shaped outline like a Glock factory sight has. The Model 469 was released in 1983 and was in production until 1988, it features a Slide Mounted Safety which automatically Decocks the hammer if the hammer is in the cocked. It's double/single action, has a bobbed hammer so as to not get caught on clothing for conceal carry, 3.5" Barrel, chambered in 9x19mm Parabellum. This pistol was released by Smith & Wesson to be used by Law Enforcement, many a Police Officer carried one of these before the Glock hit the market and became the next Fad.

I bought mine for $320, which I've found to be a good price, now a days if you can find one for less than $375-$400 you've done good! It's ate every 115gr load if put through it. Trigger pull in double action isn't too bad, you can actually half cock this pistol with the trigger. Single Action pull is nice, has a little creep but breaks clean and resets nice. Decocker is easy to get to, and the 12+1 capacity in it's small frame really is a plus for a handgun that was released before Glock hit the market. Recoil is somewhat minimal with 115gr, I haven't tried it with the 147gr loadings yet.

I only gave this pistol a 4 star Rating because of the sights, if Smith & Wesson had dovetailed or even used a sight held in by a screw or pin that made it easy to install better aftermarket front sights, I would've given it a 5 star Rating.

Price Payed: $320.00
Recommended? Yes
Pros: Double Stack Magazine, 12+1 capacity, 3.5" Barrel, easy to field strip, easy to conceal.
Cons: Sights
Synopsis: Good gun for the money, if you can pick one up for under $375 you've done good.