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Celebrating her first year on social media is an anonymous meme creator, blogger, and 2A activist from Colorado who goes simply under the name of 'the Armed Mommy.' While she has lots of support from the gun community (some 47,007 likes), she is also getting some hate from the less than impartial media.

Who is the Armed Mommy?

On the page's 'About' section, Armed Mommy says that she is a simply a "Wife~Mother~Christian~Conservative~Libertarian~War Vet~2A loving Constitutionalist. This page is for political enlightenment with a mix of humor." Her Biography further states, "I'm a wife and mother who is a strong believer in God and my 2nd amendment right as an American. If you have always wondered if there was an afterlife, break into my house and find out!"


In an apparent hit-piece from The Wire, the whole notion of armed mothers as well as Armed Mommy herself was heavily criticized as being 'gun-loving' (is that really an insult?), anti-gay, and anti-liberal, with 'startling paranoia' among other things. One passage in the article linked above even stated, "But unfortunately, Armed Mommy hasn't realized the danger she's brought into her home. As a mother to a toddler girl, she's not sure what to do with the AR-15 that's supposed to be protecting her family."

Wow. Let's go right for the patented to the point of clich "something could happen with the children" school of anti-gun logic. It's this logic that would have homeowners meet violent home invasions with nothing more than a baseball bat or fireplace poker-both of which are less than ideal for female users. Yay for journalism and impartiality with no logical thought expended!

A Growing movement

No matter what some in the media would have you believe, these days there is a greater awareness of firearms by females than ever before. According to a recent article at the Coloradan, women age 18-34, are the demographic most commonly enrolling in gun education classes? In another article from the Christian Science Monitor, there has been a 51.5% jump in female target shooters and a 41% jump in active female hunters in the past decade.

This is further borne out by the rise in female-centric gun gear such as concealed carry purses and bras, pink load out gear, leopard-print gun grips, and other items that were never seen fifteen years ago. Today we have female gun writers such as Emily Miller and Vloggers such as Fate of Destinee who bring a new voice to those who had been unheard.

It seems the armed mommies of the world are growing and here to stay whether the media likes it or not.

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December 31, 2013  •  07:39 PM
gotta love liberal logic... MUST HAVE WOMEN IN FRONT LINE INFANTRY COMBAT!!! then when a woman buys an ar15 she is too stupid or weak to use it...

yay liberals
December 31, 2013  •  11:32 PM
Interesting, I will have to check out her site. The article mentioned that there is a rise in 'female-centric', gun gear , I for one am a female and I do not like pink or leopard especially a gun. My better half has tried to convince me but, I'm not interested.
January 1, 2014  •  09:22 AM
Every woman I know that bought a gun finished in a feminine color had it ceracoated in two years. Pink only looks cool for so long.

There is a market for pistols and accessories that fit a ladies hand. Most double stack semi auto pistols are to large for a womans hand.
January 3, 2014  •  01:40 PM
My kind of woman, just like the one I married 36 years ago!
January 14, 2014  •  12:09 AM
This is a great idea but most of these women need much more instruction as indicated by the picture of the woman in Black with a semi auto pistol in hand and a rifle hanging from her gear.