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A new info graphic circling the internet shows the standard service rifles currently adopted around the world. The results are very interesting.

The map was put together by a Reddit user (link here) and is pretty spot on.

The AK is king

Designed in 1947 by Mikhail Kalashnikov, the AK-47 series rifles and thier smaller caliber offspring (the AK-74, 102, etc.) are alive in well represented across the world. These guns show up in Russia, as well as neighboring Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Belorussia, the Ukraine, Kirgizstan, and a whole lot of other 'Stans in thier new format.

The classic AK47 in its original 7.62x39mm chambering is still in use in most of Africa (Egypt, Libya, Sudan, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Congo, Madagascar, and others). And why not, these budget guns have been made in the millions and can be had on the international arms market for the price of a good steak dinner. When it comes to outfitting a third world army, the AK is at the top of a short list. Just ask Vietnam and Somalia.

Old School guns still clocking in

Several so-called 'battle rifles', large caliber (generally 7.62x51mm NATO) autoloaders with 10-20 round box magazines, are still in service worldwide. These guns were the West's answer to the AK47 and were made in the 1950s and 60s. Just look to the map and see Iran, Greece, Kenya, Namibia, Pakistan, and others across Africa and the Far East for the HK G3. This gun looks like a MP5 on steroids but are well liked overseas. The same can be said for the "Free World's Right Arm," the FN FAL, which is still listed in Botswana (who could forget), Colombia, Uruguay, and a few others. Today it's more of the 'third worlds left arm.'

Going really, really, back in time, Greenland (that big island northeast of Canada) is listed as having the M/96 as thier armament. This refers to the 20 or so Danish Sled Patrol members stationed there who are armed with the ancient Remington M1917 30.06 bolt-action rifle. Hey, don't look to invade Greenland any time soon.

Don't let this vintage snobbery turn you off, as plenty of countries like space age, polymer-accessorized guns like the Steyr Aug (Austria, Australia, Argentina, New Zealand), the SIG SG540 (Chile), FAMAS bullpup (France and Chad), and the Indian designed INSAS (which seems an awful lot like a Galil).

To this list, you can add the oddball Pindad SS2, which is a weird AK/M4 mix, designed for Indonesia by FN.

The AR is a close second

Besides new plastics, old battle rifles, and AKs, there are bunches of M16/M4 users out there. Of course, most of these got them for free/low-cost by being US allies in need of anything that will shoot, but hey, if Uncle wants to give me a free M16A1 made in 1969 that it doesn't want anymore, I'd be friendly too. Glancing around you see the US (duh), Canada (who call it the C8), most of Central America, a few South American countries, Afghanistan, Croatia, and the spread-out Philippines.

Mexico, by the way uses the FX-05 "Xiuhcoatl" (literally, "turquoise-serpent"), which HK thinks looks a little 'too much' like thier HK G36, which is standard issue in Germany, Iceland Spain, Lithuania, Latvia and a few other lucky countries.

Thus endeth the geography lesson for today.

Thanks again, Redditor chrome1453.

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