Just Right Carbine Changes for SAFE Act

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You may have heard of the new outfit known as Just Right Carbines. They are well known for making pistol caliber ARs that use Glock mags. What you may not know about them is that they are in New York, and the SAFE Act has them in its sights.

The company

In Western New York's Ontario County is the small but historic town of Canandaigua. Named after a Seneca phrase for 'the chosen spot' it is home to Just Right Carbines. JRC was founded in 2009 with the stated plan of, "Our goal is to engineer a simpler, more reliable, and more flexible carbine in centerfire pistol calibers." This is exactly what they did and came up with an AR-ish platform for an affordable ($600) pistol caliber carbine.

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The up and coming carbine firearms company has only been in business for the past four years, but they are making a product that people believe in. The guns were popular. In 2010, just a year after opening the doors, they were presented with the Innovation Award in Firearms and Weapons by Cygnus Law Enforcement Group at the Conference for International Association of Police Chiefs for their carbines. By 2012, they were up to shipping 12,000 new rifles per year. That was, until the SAFE act put a monkey wrench into the works.

The problem

When Governor Cuomo and the gang pushed through the SAFE Act, it made several features of existing and future rifles 'evil'. Somehow, it was argued that the cosmetics of a firearm made it more likely to commit crime with. Some of these features included a "Muzzle Brake/compensator," a "Pistol Grip," or a "Folding/Telescoping stock."

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(Yeah, you see, all this has to go. This gun is just far to evil to be sold in NY)

Well campers, this put a big old red target on the back of Just Right, because their neat little plinking gun, that could also fill in for home defense or hunting, had some of these now-illegal features. Although the company could still sell their product outside of the Empire State, it was forbidden to do so to dealers inside New York.

The solution

"Move!" Would seem to be the first knee jerk reaction. In the past year, we have seen several arms makers drop anti-gun states and relocate to locales that are more favorable. The company was, in fact, courted by out of state interests to do just that. The thing is, one of the great things about the company was that 80% of their vendors for parts and materials were local to them. If they pulled stumps and headed South or West, they would leave partners, customers, and neighbors behind. Therefore, they made their rifle compliant.

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According to coverage from WHEC, " Anthony Testa, :"Just Right Carbines" General Manager, said, "It looks a little weird, but when you hold it in your hand and you grip it like it is meant to be shot, it actually is a very comfortable grip."

Just Right Carbine Changes for SAFE Act - christophereger - safe-act-legal-ar-1646.jpg

By looking at the outline of the new gun, JRC seems to have taken the same approach that other AR-makers have implemented. This 'paintball-gun' stock allows the gun to still have its original recoil spring while still providing a control surface without its own pistol grip.

As Just Right says, "We've spent numerous hours and thousands and thousands of dollars just
so we can make this happen just so we can do business in New York

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November 24, 2013  •  10:24 PM
Didn't a rifle company specifically manufacture a rifle

"compliant" to the gun grabber's wishes? Oh yes,IIRC,

Hi-Point did. THAT rifle wound up AT THE TOP of the next

BANNED LIST, right? Correct me if I'm wrong?
November 27, 2013  •  01:34 AM
They converted a nice small rifle into a Politically Correct Liberal Dream carbine.
November 27, 2013  •  04:27 PM
They are free to twist their spines and the shape of their firearms to comply and then to do it again when the political winds blow even harder against their business, but the smart move would be to cease their support of oppressive laws like the SAFE act by taking their capital, their jobs, and their flow of taxes to a state that believes in their business. Automakers have caught on and left the union-strangled rust belt behind for the more welcoming areas of this country.