The new Edge Arms Reliant : Holy Mossberg Brownie, Batman!

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It seems that the latest thing in personal defense guns is a return to the derringer. In recent years, we have seen double and single barrel pocket guns make a resurgence going as big as pocket shotguns and .223 caliber offerings. Well it seems like there is a new player on the block that looks to be taking a chip off the old block and reforming it to give the people what they want.

We give you the Edge Arms Reliant!

The new Edge Arms Reliant : Holy Mossberg Brownie, Batman! - Editor - photo-nov-01-11-07-30-am-2452.jpg
(Yes, that is a laser in the front of four-barrels of .38SPL love. Photo by Edge Arms)

What is it?

According to the website:

"The Reliant is specifically designed for concealed carry, combining the reliability of a revolver with the profile of a 1911 pistol. The contoured grip is comfortable for all shooters its small size makes it easy to conceal. The Reliant is ready the moment you put your finger on the double action trigger. With no external action, it can be fired from 'deep cover,' from inside a jacket pocket or other concealment. Reliant's innovative design represents a true revolution in personal defense and is perfect for both a primary weapon or a backup gun for shooters of all experience levels. "

As such, you have a four-shot 5.25-inch long, 16-ounce derringer-style pistol with no moving action to jam, feed, or eject rounds from. This makes the gun inherently reliable and unlikely to experience an ammunition-based failure, which has kept the derringer concept valid and in production for the past 150-ish years. Size-wise, if you do the math, the Reliant is just a hair bigger than the 5.16-inch/9.40-ounce Ruger LCP .380 semi-auto.

The new Edge Arms Reliant : Holy Mossberg Brownie, Batman! - Editor - blackspeedav4l2014-250-2448.png
(Photo by Edge Arms)

Further, it looks like something we have seen before...

A new Brownie?

The first gun that O.F. Mossberg and Sons (yes the shotgun guys) made was actually a cute little four-shot break action derringer-style pistol that they called the Brownie. The company made over 30,000 of these tasty .22-caliber treats from 1919-1933 and sold them at a sweet price, aimed at trappers and hunters to have something small enough to fit in their pocket while out checking their lines.

The new Edge Arms Reliant : Holy Mossberg Brownie, Batman! - Editor - brownie-eig-2451.png
(Mossberg Brownie and an Italian EIG pistol, other 4-barrel derringers of yesteryear)

There were few complaints about the Brownie and it proved popular in its time. As they say, imitation is the most sincere form of flattery and the Italian firm of EIG revamped the old design in the 50s and 60s using pot metal and plastic. Then came slightly better versions in the 80s from U.S.-based Cobray and American Arms. Overall, the four-barrel rimfire derringer was made in decent quantity for most of the 20th Century.

Going well past Mossberg

Even though it may look very similar at first glance, the EA Reliant isn't your grandpa's Brownie or your pop's EIG. The frame includes an internal active laser housing (Mr. Deringer just rolled in his grave) to allow fast targeting without having to get those non-existent sights up and on target. LaserMax has already signed on to supply the Reliant with an optional integrated red or green laser. A grip-activated switch located beneath the trigger guard will control the laser.

The new Edge Arms Reliant : Holy Mossberg Brownie, Batman! - Editor - 6x9-postcard3back-2449.png
(A look at the internal striker action on the EA Reliant Photo by Edge Arms)

In addition, this revamped four-banger includes a speed loader in the grip base for easy reloads, so no more carrying a couple loose rounds floating around in the change pocket of your jeans. Speaking of bullets, the Reliant is capable of swapping between varieties of .30-caliber rounds using interchangeable barrels. The old Brownie was just rimfire only.

The new Edge Arms Reliant : Holy Mossberg Brownie, Batman! - Editor - blackspopen2014-251-2450.png
(Photo by Edge Arms)

Overall, this could be an interesting little gun as long as it works as advertised and isn't too expensive.

Speaking of which MSRP hasn't been determined. Let's roll that spec sheet.

Specs/features of the Reliant

  • Calibers (Offered with interchangeable barrels) .32 ACP (requires moon clip), .32 HR Mag, .32 Long, .32 Short, .380 (requires moon clip), .38 Spl, .38 +P, .38 S&W, .38 Long, .38 Short.
  • Finish: Various Hardcoat Anodized and Black Phosphate.
  • Trigger Pull: 8 lbs.
  • Barrel Length: 2.63"
  • Capacity: 4 rounds with 4-round speed loader in the grip (.380 and .32 ACP speedloader w/ moonclip)
  • Overall Length: 5.25"
  • Height: 4.25" (without speed loader)
  • Width: .94" without grip, 1.25" with grips
  • Weight: approx. 16oz.
  • Stainless Steel barrel. Hard coat anodized aluminum frame. Aluminum Upper Receiver
  • Patent pending all-internal action equates to no jams
  • Firing action cannot be neutralized by an assailant grasping the gun.
  • Patent pending design makes accidental discharge from impact/dropping virtually impossible
  • 4-round capacity with 4 shot speedloader in the grip.
  • Ergonomic grip
  • Ambidextrous one-hand operation
  • Grip automatically activates optional red or green laser

When are they coming? Well according to Edge Arms, "We anticipate that we will be shipping sometime 4th quarter 2014 barring any manufacturing delays."

Watch this space.

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