Holiday Gift Ideas for the Gunowner

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Let's take a minute here to think of those holiday gifts for that special gun owner in your life. After all, what do you buy the man (or woman) who can parachute into a small third world country and take it over by dawn if need be?

Gift ideas under $20

For the person with an interest in firearms or shooting, there are a number of items that you can pick up for the cost of a Jackson.

The one thing you can never really have too much of is cleaning kits. These are inexpensive and can often be used on a number of items including fishing rods and other small household contraptions.

An item that is constantly getting broken, lost, borrowed and never returned, or just plain old forgotten at the range is hearing protection. A nice set of gun muffs can run around $20 if you shop around. Be sure they are specifically for shooting. These Howard Leight Leightning Series LOF Earmuffs run right about $20 everywhere.

Along with ear pro is eye pro. Shooting glasses, for those who don't have to wear prescription lenses, are a must on the range and in the field. Try to go with something that would match their style though. If you are clueless on this, go with another option.

If a gun is good....

Odds are they will like knives as well. I've never met a gun person that also wasn't a knife person as well on some level. The thing is, knives are very personal items. Like guns, they come in thousands of variants. If you go this route, think of a knife type they like and mimic it. For instance, if they like knives with pocket clips, don't buy them one without. If they like Benchmade, dont buy them a Buck. If they like Case knives, stay away from a Spyderdo, and so forth. Be prepared to spend more than $20 on this option. Serious acceptable knives generally start at about twice that much and can move upwards very fast from there.

And finally,

This Christmas, the gift of ammo may be the most appreciated. It may sound odd to celebrate the giving of gold, frankincense and myrrh to the baby of a virgin birth by wrapping up some cardboard boxed made of lead and brass for Uncle Ned or Cousin Sally, but hey, this is 2013. The past year has been a tumultuous time for those who collect and shoot firearms. Ammunition prices and availability have soared as the latter dwindled. Of course, find out what calibers they have before you do your shopping so that you don't give them something they will never use.

You'd be surprised at the smiles you may see Christmas morning.

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