Hiding your guns in plain sight

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There are an estimated 300 million guns in the US and it's important for each of these to stay secure. Sure there are traditional gun safes, cabinets and racks, but many of these are obvious and easy to defeat by a skilled burglar. That's why you can add an extra layer of protection to your gun collection by hiding them-- often in plain sight.

The Problem

We've all walked past those displays of refrigerator sized gun safes and marveled at the thickness of the walls, how heavy the doors are, and how many huge moving deadbolts the door secures with. The problem is, most of these safes are meant to protect the insides from fire and casual theft, not to stop an all-out assault on your firearm collection by someone who knows what they are doing.

In fact, most of your basic safes are so simple that a kid can pick them with household items in just a few minutes.

Kelly Alwood breaching a Sentry digital safe in less than a minute

Beautiful glass gun cabinets are even easier to penetrate as most use only a simple cam-lock to close the doors and, of course, have large panels of very breakable glass.

A possible solution.

One trick to get away from having your safe or gun cabinet be the subject of a direct attack within seconds of someone penetrating your home in a burglary is to salt your guns away where they are least expected.

This often involves carpentry skills which most of us can fake or borrow from friends, and those who can't can usually rent. Hidden gun vaults can be made inside false closets, under stair cases, inside other pieces of functional furniture, and in false floors.

Hiding your guns in plain sight - christophereger - sliding-mirror-guncase-1935.jpg
(A mirror unlatches to reveal a vault built into the non load bearing wall)

Hiding your guns in plain sight - christophereger - stair-guncase-1936.jpg
(Using the void under staircases, which can be useful in split levels)

Hiding your guns in plain sight - christophereger - q-line-nightguard-cherry-web-side-2-1937.jpg
(functional compartments inside nightstands and coffee-tables)

Hiding your guns in plain sight - christophereger - d7aea9c05d064bda0158f02a9f9120d6-1941.jpg
(Hidden but still accessible if needed)

Hiding your guns in plain sight - christophereger - f85b70aa2fb01c2301af7eb707e2e56d-1939.jpg
(A safe can be contained inside a false wall)

Hiding your guns in plain sight - christophereger - 05f7f12507b77bfc2faaf08c8935c343-1940.jpg
(Compartments under bookcases)

Hiding your guns in plain sight - christophereger - 9e2f4dc2f01622386d19710cb3c63d88-1942.jpg
(And behind paintings and pictures, recessed into the wall and latched/locked securely closed)

Hiding your guns in plain sight - christophereger - img-68241-1938.jpg
The BedBunker Safe people make these and they are mighty proud of them, however if nothing else, they provide inspiration.

Hiding your guns in plain sight - christophereger - 5f1c2db1b3c2193b22dd3e2f4ded5a83-1943.jpg
Such as something more like this, which can be accomplished by most with even rudimentary carpentry skills. Insert a small gunsafe in the slot for extra protection.

Of course, nothing is 100% and even if you have your vault concealed and then use a safe in that secret location, it can still be found eventually and defeated.

Still, you should make them work for it.

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February 28, 2014  •  02:31 PM
The article says MOST SAFES are easy to break into. FALSE.

Most safes are UL listed for burglar and fire. If you have a good safe, your kids are not going to pick their way into them.

That video also did a cut away, and then came back, so I doubt very much the reprograming of the combo was done with that tin piece of metal. I call DOUBT IT on that.

It is irresponsible to only hide your guns in your home. Ideally, you hide your safe.
March 2, 2014  •  02:15 AM
It's fine to hide your guns if you like but make sure they are still locked with a trigger lock and or lock up all the ammo in a safe place separate from the guns. The only gun I keep loaded is the one on my person or in my direct control. If the guns are simply stolen, insurance should be had to cover such losses. Any lock and any safe can be defeated with the right amount of time, tools, and skill. If you come home to a break in, let the only loaded gun present be the one you have in your hand that you already had on your person or the ones that LEOs will arrive with once called to clear the home before you enter. The criminal may have brought his own so why not let your tax dollars provide your protection while you wait safely outside. Good thought provoking article since nobody wants to see their weapons stolen or, worse, used to harm anyone while committing another crime.