Henry Golden Boy

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Recommended? - Yes
Company Website - www.henryrepeating.com
Manufacturer - Henry Repeating Arms Company

The Henry Golden Boy is an American-made lever action rifle available in .22LR/.22L/.22S as well as .22 Magnumand .17 HMR. The .22LR version is the subject of my review.The rifle is 38-inches long and weighs 6.5 pounds. The barrel is 20-inches long and octagonal in shape. The gun is tube-fed and holds 15 rounds of .22 Long Rifle, 18 rounds of .22 Long, and 20 rounds of .22 Short.It is constructed of steel, brass or Brasslite (proprietary alloy), and American walnut.It is equipped with Marble's Buckhorn adjustable rear sights and a brass-beaded front blade sight. It may be equipped with a telescopic sight with the use of a factory accessory cantilever mount.The MSRP is $513, myexemplarwas purchased at Cabela's for $399 (on coupon special).

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October 18, 2012  •  02:10 AM
I have long lusted after a Henry Golden Boy and a coupon flyer from Cabela's made it inevitable that one of these beautiful guns would be joining my collection. The first thing you notice once you have it in your hands is the heft of the gun; that 20-inch hexagonal cross-section barrel is bull-barrel heavy and the other materials are equally robust. The brasslite (alloy) receiver cover is thick with steel underneath and walnut is one of the heavier hardwoods. All these materials have been shaped and assembled with great care and precision, the best I ever remember seeing in a factory-made rifle (or most anything else, actually). This gives the Henry a silky-smooth action and one of the best triggers I have everexperienced in a box-stock firearm. My Golden Boy went from the packing box straight to the range and a tube-full of CCI .22 Long Rifle cartridges. I made no attempt to zero the gun before sending five-shot groups 15 yards down-range toward a NRA 8-inch pistol target. Even with my artificially-lensed eyes and unfamiliarity with the Buckhorn style sights, I was able to punch one-and-a-half inch groupings. I know that with practice and some experimentation with my glasses I should be able to do as well at 25-yards and beyond; the rifle shoots better than I do.The only possible problem with the Henry (besides the price and careful, patient shopping can alleviate that) is that it is just so blasted beautiful to look at! The thought of dinging that satiny walnut, scratching the mirror-sheen of thereceiver, or causeabrasions on the beautifully blued facets of the hexagonal barrel makes one want to display it as a work of the gunmakers art and not enjoy the wonderful precision of the action and trigger or the remarkable accuracy of the gun in the work it was designed to do; shooting.I cannot recommend the Henry Golden Boy highly enough for anyone who appreciates truly fine American craftsmanship!

Price Payed: $513.00
Recommended? Yes
Pros: Silky-smooth action: remarkably accurate: superior workmanship: utterly beautiful firearm!
Cons: Pricey for a .22: polished brass butt-plate is slippery: it's beauty may cause disuse through fear of messing it up.
Synopsis: A work of art that you can (and should) shoot!