Gun Owners Organize In Colorado

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The Rocky Mountain state of Colorado is up to its peaks in problems due to the raging debate about gun control. Besides local sheriffs filing lawsuits, companies leaving the state, and hunter boycotts, now groups of citizens are making noise, and it's in a few very interesting ways.

The Denver Magazine Swap
One facebook group event, that has about 150 who advise they are/may attend, propose to do a magazine exchange on the courthouse of the State Capitol...the day after the state's new 15-shot magazine limit goes into effect.

From the website:

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"At Midnight on July 1st, 2013, the unenforceable and unconstitutional Colorado ban on magazines that hold more than 15 rounds, a number that was arbitrarily chosen with no logical reason, goes into effect. This 'law' is so bad, that sheriffs from 54 of Colorado's 64 counties are suing to have it overturned.

In defiance of this law, which is repugnant to the Constitution and therefor null and void, we as free Citizens of Colorado and of the united States of America, will join together to freely trade, buy and swap "high-capacity" firearm magazines in front of the State Capitol. We will be joined by other freedom loving Patriots from other States who come to lend their support.
Please join us in this act of civil disobedience to send the freedom-hating legislative goons and the bought and paid for Governor a message."

While clearly in violation of the new law in the state, this act of civil disobedience could have interesting outcomes. Did we say civil disobedience? Well about that...

Colorado Mass Civil Disobedience Day

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On July 2nd, a separate group of grassroots firearms enthusiasts plans to stage a social media event of a similar nature to the Capitol magazine exchange, but on a statewide scale. The idea is simple: "Engage in a Mass Civil Protest on July 2nd. Sell/Exchange a +15 round Mag to/with a friend on July 2nd after the Mag Capacity Ban goes into effect. They can't put all of us in Jail! Feel free to take pictures, and upload video's to youtube and post them here on our event page documenting your civil disobedience."

They have nearly 300 signed up to participate at this point.

Share your thoughts on this below, and Firearms Talk will keep you in the loop.

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July 16, 2013  •  07:40 AM
The statement in the above article about "they cant put us all in jail" is probably one of the stupidest statements i've ever read.
#1 they CAN put all the protesters in jail if its deemed necessary, but even if they dont,
#2 they dont have to. Writing tickets is a summons for a court appearance for the charges specified. either you appear or a bench warrant for failure to appear as well as the charges on the origional summons is issued.
August 8, 2013  •  11:12 PM
Given the fact that this posting is 5 weeks's pointless. We don't have any issues in Colorado, and no companies have left the state.
August 12, 2013  •  02:58 PM
Was originally Posted Jun 25th 2013
August 12, 2013  •  03:01 PM
@DenverSteve Was originally Posted Jun 25th 2013