Georgia School District Adding ARs

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Approaching the first anniversary of the Newtown School Shooting tragedy, one school in the Southeast is trying to be proactive by putting modern rifles in the arsenals of those who would be tasked with protecting the school.

"Assault Rifles in school"

School shootings are, despicably, not new to the country. In fact they date back as far as 1764. What the anti-gunners would have you believe though is that these unspeakable crimes are more prevalent now that so-called assault rifles are available. Well, not to nitpick, but the firearm that the Newtown shooter used was a semi-automatic sporting rifle that was illegally acquired.

In Gainesville, Georgia, the local school district is considering adding patrol carbines to the school resource officer's (SROs) tool kit. SRO's are certified law enforcement officers who are stationed at the school to meet both local campus security issues and enforce local and state laws. In Gainesville, they are already armed with pistols and intermediate (less lethal) weapons, but not carbines.

Gainesville's program

Under a program submitted by the police department, they are seeking $6,000 and a political mandate to place a 5.56mm rifle in a safe in each of the three protected schools in the district. The police department and the school district would split the cost evenly. The rifle would only be accessible to the resource officer through fingerprint recognition. To prevent the threat of theft, it would not be left on school grounds when the officer is not on duty.

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Now let us not get carried away here at these being "M4" rifles. An M4 is a military-issue select-fire weapon with a 14.5-inch barrel. The gun that the Georgia school district in question is seeking to acquire is the Colt 6920 carbine. This gun is a semi-auto only 5.56mm AR with a 16.1-inch barrel. It's very popular with law enforcement and security forces as a patrol carbine but is far from being as assault weapon. It's even sold at Wal-Mart.

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(Gainesville PD's carbines would be stored in fingerprint recognition safes until needed)

Media Spin

In a Fox News article covering the piece presented in Phoenix, Arizona, the title used was "Georgia School District Considers Assault Rifles", while the local Gainesville Times simply called the article about the program,"Meeting addresses questions about guns in Gainesville schools" and did not even mention the word 'assault' in the entire article.

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(Increasingly SROs are becoming more and more common)

Of course, the NRA had come out publicly and said earlier this year that the solution to school shootings is having enough good guys with guns in place to eliminate active shooters in the first place. Since the Obama administration has now given $45-milllion to help fund more cops in schools, we can only take it that they would tend to agree. Perception is reality after all.

Good move Gainesville

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