Four Gun Types to Complete You

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Over the past, few centuries there have been probably billions of firearms made in every imaginable size, shape, caliber, and purpose. Well what if you were limited to just four. What would they be? We tried to look at that answer logically.

(As an example, with these four types of firearms, you are well on your way to having a firearm for every occasion. You see a Glock safety action pistol, a Ruger 10/22 rimfire, a laminated stock Yugo SKS M59/66 rifle, and a modern sporting shotgun)

A high-powered rifle

For some things in life, a modern is considered formal attire. For instance, when hunting medium to large game at distances longer than what you can throw a rock, you are going to want a centerfire rifle. In addition, for target shooting further than a football field in length-- rifle is what you bring. These guns can also serve a purpose in defense and security. After all, what are police and the military armed with in high-stress operations for the past century or so if not a modern rifle? Your choice for this could be anything from a Ruger Mini-14, to an NEF Handi Rifle, to an old British Short Magazine Lee Enfield in .303, to a PWS Mk107 AR-15 or Marlin .30-30 (and yes, we know the 'thuddy thuddy' is subsonic and not thus not officially 'hi-power' but it's still a hoss). Nevertheless, no matter what you pick, you need one.

A shotgun

Perhaps no firearm is as versatile as the shotgun. It can be used with small caliber, low-brass shot for small game and pests, and then be loaded with high brass buck or slug for larger predators and meat bearing creatures. Home defense often goes hand in hand with the shotgun (just ask Joe Biden). Want to go clay shooting? Well you had better bring your shotty for that. Turkey shoots? Same thing. Just about any shotgun made after 1898 can scratch this itch including the Remington 870, Stevens 520, Mossberg 500, or Browning Auto Five. Don't punch your man (or wo-man) card without having one.

A centerfire pistol

When things go bump in the night or the lights go out and stay out, having a nice old .38 or just broken in .45ACP 1911 in the nightstand could be quiet peace of mind. It's this type of gun that is the shop owner's best friend, the shield of the homeowner, and is much more of a deterrent to a goblin than pepper spray or an air horn. Plus, depending on the caliber and type, these guns can be used in hunting as well as bring hours of joy in target practice. If you are a gunowner, the purchase of a pistol is almost a rite of passage.

The small caliber rifle

We mentioned high-powered centerfire rifles above and no other companion piece goes alongside it but a small caliber rimfire. These guns are essential to teaching the next generation how to shoot. It's no mystery why the CMP, JROTC, 4-H, BSA and other youth shooting organizations start off youngsters with rimfire rifles. Not only are they fun, but they are effective, easy to use, and are some of the safest guns in existence. Besides target practice and taking out tin cans, these guns are the bread and butter for small game hunters and pest control. A 22LR, no matter if it's a single shot Cricket, a S&W MP15-22 or a Savage bolt action, can be a good start or finish to any gun cabinet.

These of course are just our picks of types, yours may vary. Feel free to add your choices below.

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January 3, 2014  •  01:36 PM
Its all about "needs" versus "wants". Everyone (IMHO) "needs" one CF rifle, one shotgun (prefer 12ga) and one serious handgun of your choice.
After that it is all about "want" and when I look in my safe I realize that I have fulfilled my "wants" pretty well. Multiples of all of the listed toys in different calibers, gauges and actions.:)
January 4, 2014  •  09:51 PM
It's funny but, I have 3 of the 4 (no small caliber rifle). And I basically arrived at this just using what I thought was a common sense approach. I don't mean this as a swipe to your article (it was a good read by the way). But yeah as a mechanic who has to organize a tool collection, I did the same thing when purchasing firearms. A tool for every need, and calibers that were common.
January 8, 2014  •  12:21 PM
I feel that everyone needs a 22 LR. Ammo is going to become available by summer. Even at today's prices you can shoot a 22 LR for eight cents a shot. Practice makes perfect. I can get closer to perfect at eight cents a shot vs thirty cents a shot for 9mm or 223.