Do You Carry At Home?

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While many of us conceal, open, or duty carry every day away from home, our mindset relaxes somewhat once we get back to the castle. This leads us to the point: just what do you do at home?

Why armed at home?

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According to a United States Department of Justice report: 38% of assaults and a staggering 60% of rapes occur during home invasions. These crimes are often botched burglaries where criminals encounter occupants in what they thought was an empty residence. Sometimes, however, the occupants themselves are the target of the invasion.

This horrific video, caught by a hidden 'nanny cam' shows just how brutal, fast, and violent, home invasions can be.


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Many who would keep a loaded firearm in a home chose to do so in a lockbox. This is especially true in homes with small children or frequent visitors. These small containers secure 'hot' guns from curious little fingers and the occasional lazy burglar, while still giving an authorized user access. These are sold in a myriad of designs ranging from $25-$500 and use finger combinations, lock and key, or even biometrics to open. The downside of these boxes is that they need precious seconds to get to. Time you may not have in a fight like the video above.


This concept takes the lockbox concept and expands on it. Rather than have a single box, usually in the master bedroom, have several boxes spread throughout the home. One friend, a probation officer who has had thousands of satisfied clients and dozens of not so happy ones, keeps a Spartan SXS 12-gauge in the umbrella can by the door, a .38 in the bathroom, an old Ballester Molina in the kitchen cupboard, and a crowd pleasing Remy 870 in the bedroom. Of course, he lives alone, so your needs and solution may be different. Still, if you move about your home and have a weapon in just about every room, the odds of having one nearby when you need it just went up.

One worry with this concept is that it can also lead to arming an intruder with one of your own guns that they stumble across. Using individual lockboxes for each hot firearm around the house is ideal.

With that in mind, the prepositioner's rule of thumb is: don't leave unsecured firearms out in plain sight, and never have accessible guns out where children are present.

Open Carry In Your Living Room?

While the single bedroom lockbox, or prepositioned arsenals may give you the upper hand in a home invasion if given a few seconds warning, there is still no guarantee you can reach them in time to repel boarders. The only way to be sure that you are within 2-seconds of being able to draw and fire at an attacker inside your home during your waking hours is to be armed with a handgun on your person. Naturally, this may be a little extreme for some, especially in urban areas. However, those in a more rural environment may find it more attractive.

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In the course of my travels during the average day, I always leave the house armed. Usually this is a 30/70 split involving my day job where I carry an issued SIGP229 on a duty belt in a level III retention holster, or carrying a personal off duty handgun in a concealed holster. I live on a rural road 2 miles through the woods from a State prison that has experienced escapes of violent prisoners. While I take my duty belt off when I get home, I often leave my backup gun on for several hours as I eat, do laundry, peck on the laptop, or hangout with the fam. Likewise, when I come home after going out with my CCW piece, I often continue wearing it around the house until time for bed/showers. On off days, I can frequently be found still carrying a holstered firearm on my person, sometimes concealed, sometimes openly, but always quietly around the house.

While this may be weird to some, it's natural for me.

Food for thought.

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July 8, 2013  •  07:38 PM
I carry a .380 in the house all the time w/a spare magazine, I don't think it's weird at all. My safe is in the basement and I have a smaller safe upstairs both with loaded hand guns. I live in an urban area (Philly} and am prepared for a home invasion also my 9mm w/light and my .380 w/laser are on my nightstand within easy reach while I'm in bed.
July 23, 2013  •  07:39 PM
My home is my safe. I carry at home just as do daily outside of home; a 1911/45 and a Kel-Tec P-32. I also have other weapons handy if needed for emergencies. I have a 480 Ruger that I grab when trouble is on the property, and a Mini 14 if I might need to reach out.
July 23, 2013  •  08:35 PM
I'm wearing a Bersa .380 sitting at my kitchen table at the moment. I'm also close to a .357, and have a Stoeger Cougar 9mm at my bedside. That's the one I carry outside the house the most. The rest are in a locked gun safe. I doubt I'd need them quickly.
July 23, 2013  •  09:32 PM
My Bodyguard is with me at all times when I am at home (S&W .380, not Bubba) Not always holstered, but it travels where I do, always in reach. It sits on the window sill at night when I sleep, and I can reach it from my bed. My .357 is in a safe in the master bath, in reach in 10 seconds. It happens to be my wifes preference.
July 23, 2013  •  10:27 PM
I always carry at home. I am an ex cop and still have some people who would like to see me again from what I have heard. Plus when I go out to the shed to reload, I have my colt series 70 1911 on me. Even when I go fishing.
July 23, 2013  •  10:43 PM
Carry frequently at home, never know if there might be skunks around when I take nightly inspection checks, might be cougar or bear around as well.
July 23, 2013  •  10:56 PM
I do not carry at home, for a couple of reasons. First, It's just my wife and I, so we each have a handgun in our desk drawer - (Since we both work from home, that's pretty handy.)

Second, I have a Stoeger Coach gun hanging above the door, inside the entry closet - if needed.

Third, at my workbench in the garage, I have the G17 with 5 fully loaded mags in the roll-a-round toolbox.

Fourth, the Colt I carry everyday is always on my
nightstand, and her Lavender Lady is on her nightstand.

Fifth, I have the Rem 870 w/a 6 shot extension near the back door(Just incase...). So we feel rather protected at home.
July 23, 2013  •  11:23 PM
I have a LCP in my pocket unless I'm in bed. I have a gun under my pillow at night and a couple others handy around the house. My wife has hers close by as well.
July 24, 2013  •  01:04 AM
July 24, 2013  •  07:49 AM
I have 2 carries one 45 XDs, I used to just call it an XDs.A Ruger LCR 357 both with Crimson Trace.One is by my chair and the other is on the night table.I have a tactical Benelli in my safe, I think handguns are easier. G-d forbid I have to shoot someone.
July 24, 2013  •  10:19 AM
Yes, I live alone and am retired, I keep my 357SIG in my recliner when I am home, along with my 380 ACP in the bathroom. I also keep my Mosberg Home Defender next to my bed, loaded. The only time I do NOT carry is....never.
July 24, 2013  •  10:34 AM
I keep a 9mm Daewoo withe two loaded mags where I can reach them in a few seconds. I live in a very safe and peaceful neighborhood, but that is no guarantee of absolute security.
July 24, 2013  •  11:02 AM
there is always a gun within reach i wont go into specific details but i own somewhere close to 30 guns of different cals and types most are locked in the safe but i have guns near me no matter where i am
July 24, 2013  •  12:04 PM
I carry a High Point .45 at home but that is because I live in the backwoods of Idaho and we lots of coyotes and bears around our property.
July 24, 2013  •  01:28 PM
My daily carry (Taurus Millenium 9mm)is usually at hand. I would like to pre-position several guns in the house, but do not want to invest in several lock-boxes, etc.
July 24, 2013  •  03:39 PM
I only carry when I'm wearing pants.
July 24, 2013  •  09:17 PM
I see a lot of people carry daily which is awesome! I also carry on my body but just like personal defense, home defense is just as important. Thing is if an intruder breaks in our home our gun safes may be inaccessible or to large to have in the bedroom. This calls for a smaller safe or lock box, especially if small children are in the house we cant necessarily have our handgun in the nightstand or under the mattress. Another thing is what if we aren't at home. A burglar can't really take a large safe with them quickly but they could take off with you're small bedside lock box. Secure Firearm Products makes a high security mounting plate for their gun cases that cannot be removed unless the case is removed. Saying that the case is locked to the mount with their internal locking system. The same locking system used to lock the case itself. Secure Firearm Products also features a wall safe that mounts in the wall between the studs. These can be covered by Pictures or mounted in a closet. Check them out at
July 24, 2013  •  10:55 PM
I carry 24/7 at home and by my bedside .
July 24, 2013  •  10:58 PM
I don't carry in the shower, but it is always in reach. But seriously, I do carry my
LCP ( at least) at all other times and have other resources ready, cocked and
loaded, at all times.

I recently had an uninvited person enter my home, apparently looking for recently
delivered UPS packages. That put me on full alert. If I didn't have an alarm
system that alerted me that a door was opened, I would have not known of any
intrusion, until it was too late

Have your firearm ready! If you don't have a home intrusion alarm system, I
recommend you get one! ( This is NOT an advertisement!)
July 24, 2013  •  11:51 PM
I absolutely carry at home. If I'm not wearing the pistol, I carry it from room to room with me. I am never more than 5 feet away from a gun, while in my home. Usually much closer than 5 feet!
July 28, 2013  •  11:28 AM
I have a S&W model 10 another mod 25 handy downstairs also a 12guage behind the hall door. Upstairs is a .38 snubby. I carry all the time.
October 22, 2013  •  04:50 AM
I carry or have with in reach 24/7 as I had an attempted home invasion. They Kicked the door, in broad daylight luckily I had a door brace still up that I put up at night I had not been out yet. even with the support they still broke the door jamb and busted the dead bolt. If they would have gotten in they would have been staring down the business end of Springfield 45