Bodyguard 380

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Recommended? - yes
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Manufacturer - Smith & Wesson

Caliber: .380 Auto, 6+1 round capacity
Barrel: 2.75"
Weight: 11.85 oz.
Length: 5.25"
Grips: Polymer
Sights: Integrated laser sights with front: stainless steel, rear: drift adjustable
Features: The frame of the Bodyguard is made of reinforced polymer, as is the magazine base plate and follower, magazine catch, and the trigger. The slide, sights and guide rod are made of stainless steel, with the slide and sights having a Melonite hard coating.

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July 16, 2012  •  05:57 PM
The Smith & Wesson Bodyguard 380 is about as small as practical self-defense pistols should go! Even the new M & P Shield looks big next to this little heater, and the Shield is considered a sub-compact.
Though tiny, the Bodyguard fits in my medium-sized hands fairly well, the magazine base-plateextensiongiving me enough room for a secure grip. Those with catcher's mitts at the end of their arms probably are going to have problems.
The built-in Insight laser targeting system is found under the recoil spring rod, protected by a transparent port. Actuation is by soft covered buttons on either side of the frame just ahead of the trigger guard. While easy to reach with your strong hand's index finger, I had trouble exerting enough pressure to turn the laser on without compromising my firing position. Using the support hand to switch the light on seems to be the best way but that really needs practice to get the system to work smoothly. The gun is so small that pushing the button will really throw off your aiming point. The iron sights are totally black and totally useless in low light situations. I've put white tape on the ramp of the front sight on mine as a temporary fix. I also found stray Melonite on the slide and rails of my example calling for a good cleanup followed by 200 rounds of break-in work. It's now slick as snake snot on a glass doorknob!
The .380 auto round is snappish but recoil is all butunnoticeableduring rapid fire. But that leads to a real drawback of this firearm; six rounds in the magazine (plus a Barney round in the chamber) may not be enough to stop adetermined or "chemically-enhanced" attacker. Figure on finding a place to hide an extra mag or two and practice those combat reloads!
I have all three Galco holsters for this piece and find that that equips me for any occasion except swimming.
My standard carry load is Hornady Critical Defense 90-grain FTX which the BG 380 runs very well. For practice, I've used Mag-Tech, Herters and American Eagle with good results out to 7 yards. Beyond that you need a different gun!
In all, a pretty good little hide-away piece for those looking for a back-up or those who really hate to advertise that they are carrying.

Price Payed: $413.00
Recommended? Yes
Pros: easy to conceal; built-in laser sight, hammer-fired double action only
Cons: .380 cartridge of limited knock-down power; very stiff safety lever; hard to turn-on laser under stress
Synopsis: Tiny but effective, this mouse-gun has teeth!
December 19, 2013  •  08:23 PM
I really liked mine, I plan to replace mine(sold it to get my XDs), the only issue was the laser never worked. I wouldn't mind having one like the LAPD ordered with no laser and tumb safety.

Price Payed: $0.00