BB Guns under Attack Worldwide

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One of the best holiday films of all time, A Christmas Story, features a young Ralphie whose sole reason for the season is to get his new Red Ryder 200-shot range model carbine action BB gun. Well, these days Ralphie would be in a world of hurt. Increasingly these simple rites of passage from boyhood are being targeted.

The Graves Act

Growing up, air rifles and pistols were taken seriously-- to a degree. They clearly were not toys and had to be treated with respect. After all, you had to ensure that all of your same basic range safety rules were met to keep from shooting yours or someone else's eye out. Well in New Jersey, they took it even more seriously than that. Several years ago, they passed New Jersey 2C:39-5, otherwise known as the Graves Act, which severely limits firearms ownership and usage.

In fact in the Garden State, if you have an unregistered air pistol or rifle without the proper permits you could be found guilty of a third degree felony. The charge? Unlawful possession of a weapon. This can mean up to three -5 years in prison with up to 3 years being mandatory without parole eligibility.

Use a BB gun in Jersey: go to jail.

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The Land of the Kiwi

In the small archipelago nation of New Zealand, you know, where all the Hobbit films are made on location, there is a new law in town. Called the Arms (Military Style Semi-automatic Firearms and Import Controls) Amendment Act; it created a new category of banned weapon: the 'restricted airgun'.

According to the article "A restricted airgun is an airgun (with or without any of its attachments) that either has the appearance of being a pistol, restricted weapon, or military style semi-automatic firearm or is designed for use in airsoft or paintball sports and has the appearance of being a firearm capable of full automatic fire. From today, anyone importing restricted airguns will require an import permit from police. Police will need to be satisfied that there are special reasons for allowing the airguns to be imported into New Zealand before they issue a permit."

Eh, maybe it is for the best. You'll shoot your eye out, kid.

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December 13, 2013  •  10:43 AM
Local stores are making up for what the big box stores won't sell. Walmart stopped stocking red ryder BB guns. The local hardware store has sold a pallet of Daisy's.
December 13, 2013  •  01:13 PM
NOt sure where you live, but here in Missouri the local Walmart has pallets of Red Ryders...but then again Missouri is not a communist state like New York, California and Illinois.....
December 13, 2013  •  01:29 PM
Its time to move on....I mean to leave the communist states of NY, CA,.....and now NJ.
I am all for some gun laws,....after all if we had effective gun laws, we could have kept guns out of the hands of the crazies who have recently killed innocent people in CT and elsewhere. IF you are having mental difficulties, should you have access to a gun? I don't think so. Instead, we pass and enforce stupid gun laws like we have in NY as the "Gun Safety act of 2013"..." any gun with a pistol grip is considered an assault rifle"...this included 22s....Its time to leave. Let NY, CA and other commie states collapse under their own weight. I live up state NY....glad I ONLY am limited to 7 rounds of ammo in my guns...In NYC, any guns with 5 or more rounds are banned!...Its time to leave these states and move the Central and or Western states...And if these states adopt the same stupid gun laws...there is always Mexico. I have 6 friends who have moved there and love it.. You can rent a house for $600 per month. You pay off the politicians and they leave you alone...unlike the politicians in the USA who smile to your face and knife you in the back.
Disgusted Former American, now an inmate of the Socialist States of America,
RIP USA....1776-2008
December 16, 2013  •  04:06 PM
Did you guys read the article? It was about the New Jersey "Graves Act" that makes it mandatory to have a permit to own an air rifle/pistol and if you don't and you are caught with one, it's a Felony weapons possession carrying a minimum 3-5 years without parole.