9 Year old competitive shooter testifies against Jersey magazine ban

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In New Jersey, the state legislature is rapidly coming to a deal to reduce magazine limits in the Garden State to ten rounds. This has gun owners and 2nd Amendment advocates understandably upset. One of these shooters, Shyanne Roberts, is mad enough to not only talk to her local representative; she decided to testify against the scheme in person. This takes a lot of courage for anyone-- but she is not your typical 9 year old.

9 Year old competitive shooter testifies against Jersey magazine ban - Editor - shyanne-roberts-2080.jpg
(Shyanne on the range with great use of safety equipment and trigger D. Photo credit: Facebook)

Shyanne Roberts

Getting her first gun, a pink .22LR Cricket rifle, at age 6, Ms. Shyanne Roberts was able to soon master it and found that she had a knack for shooting. Within a year this pint-sized shooter began competing locally and soon started showing up at IDPA pistol matches, handgun in tow. In October, the youth brought home the second place medal from the New Jersey State Ruger Rimfire Challenge Competition.

When she steps up to the line, it's like a switch goes off," her father, Dan Roberts, said. "She's methodical."

He hopes that one day she will be competing in the Olympics.

9 Year old competitive shooter testifies against Jersey magazine ban - Editor - shyanne-roberts-idpa-2079.jpg
(Photo credit: Facebook)

Shyanne, now 9, got to be so good in fact, that she picked up a couple sponsors including Gun For Hire that decided to build the budding sharpshooter not only a custom AR-15, but also a Glock Model 19 for competition purposes. Then came the pending bill that would limit magazine capacity in Shyanne's home state of New Jersey.

The bill

In the 216th New Jersey State Assembly, Assemblyman Louis Greenwald (D-Camden), introduced A2006, a measure that would limit magazine size in the state from the now-current 15-rounds to an even more draconian 10-rounds. If this wasn't harsh enough, unlike some laws like this that cap magazines at an arbitrary limit, the A2006 does not make an exception for guns that are rimfire (.22LR etc.) or for guns with non-detachable magazines. This means that such innocent plinking rifles as the Marlin Model 60 would be an illegal assault weapon in New Jersey if A2006 becomes law.

The reason given for this bill, as voiced by Bryan Miller, an area gun control advocate is that, ""Nobody needs a 15-round ammunition magazine unless they are a domestic terrorist or a gangster," Miller said. "We expect the legislative leadership to get behind this and the governor to see some sense."

The testimony

9 Year old competitive shooter testifies against Jersey magazine ban - Editor - safe-image-php-2081.jpg
(Photo credit: Facebook)

On March 13, Shyanne Roberts, a 9-year-old competitive sports shooter, testified in front of the New Jersey Assembly Law and Public Safety Committee for seven minutes as to why this bill is just a plain out bad idea.

"I am not a gangbanger or domestic terrorist," she explained.

Shyanne is very skilled, and is currently waiting on a $3000 competition grade AR-15 style rifle that was paid for by a sponsor. The rifle will be illegal under the pending state ruling on magazine capacity limits. Yes, you can put a 10-round or smaller magazine in the well of the gun, but A2006 would ban any gun having a "capacity exceeding 10 rounds" meaning most modern sporting rifles and pistols are targeted if it passes.

Shyanne in her testimony took exception of the concept of the public being made to pay for crimes committed by others.

"Because of them we lost recess time every day for two weeks, even though the rest of us did nothing wrong," Shyanne said. "That is simply not fair or just ... punishing the people who didn't do anything wrong is not how you stop bad people."

Nevertheless, A2006 passed the committee along party lines, 5-3, after more than three hours of testimony.

It is opposed by the Association of New Jersey Rifle & Pistol Clubs (ANJRPC) as well as shooters like Shyanne from across the state.

It is expected to carry on through the state legislature and make its way to Gov. Christie's office for signature. Christie, a possible 2016 Republican Presidential candidate, has not weighed in as to how he is leaning on the bill as of yet.

If you are a forum member in New Jersey, you may want to contact his office with your own feelings on that.

Shyanne probably will.

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March 17, 2014  •  07:03 PM
Number 1. Shyanne is awsome
Number 2. I bet the anti gun people are losing their minds, especially when they see she has a AR
Number 3. People like Bryon Miller are idiots
Number 4. She is nine, and she has a sponsor who supplies her rifles. You go girl!
March 18, 2014  •  12:55 PM
These kind of laws are totally useless and only affect law abiding citizens in a negative way. The way to reduce gun violence is to encourage people to be responsible gun owners. Imagine how many lives are saved by the responsible use of firearms. If all or many of the teachers had be carrying a gun in the many school shooting cases, and had been trained on the proper use of it, the loss of lives would have been minimized. I feel the same can be said anytime and any place that some nut case goes off. If a responsible gun owner were present and reacted right away, many lives could have been saved. Of course I'm preaching to the choir on this site.
March 18, 2014  •  09:25 PM
If Christie supports the bill, his chances of becoming president are less than 0. He's at about 0 right now. Hope that he supports it and then it fails, that way NJ gun laws don't become worse and then a liberty candidate could be the nominee (hopefully Rand Paul or Ted Cruz)
April 8, 2014  •  08:16 PM
remember, Christie is nothing but a RINO.
April 9, 2014  •  01:07 AM
Thought I would pass this along...

"Shy's Dad here with some more HUGE News !!! Just wrapped up a flurry of phone calls. Shyanne, myself and her little brother will be attending this years NRA Convention in Indianapolis as guests of Chris Cox and the NRA !! Hotel rooms and airline tickets already booked ! Shyanne and I have been asked to speak at the Million Moms Against Gun Control event across the street from the Convention Center on Saturday. We fly out of Philly on Thursday night. If any of you are going to be there, be sure to try and find us in the crowd of 70,000 people ! LOL. I KNOW we will be walking the floor of the convention networking and Shy will almost certainly be wearing her one of a kind jersey at least one day, so that should help ! Or you should be able to catch us across from the Convention Center at the Million Moms Against Gun Control event on Saturday"